Well if you drive a car or take flights on planes, you tell me how you’re not a hypocrite?
Douglas Cochrane

I know I’m dependent. I do my best to be as efficient as possible. I drive a manual transmission car without a lot of electronics. I limit both the heat & AC to certain temperature points. According to my local utility, my energy usage is below even efficient homes. (I don’t think they’re happy with me).

It’s not even a sacrifice to me because I came of age in the OPEC boycott and I’ve lived my life not wanting to underwrite Mideastern dictatorships. It’s just the way I’ve arranged things.

I also pay taxes happily in the hopes that when a Harvey hits, FEMA will be there. Or that the seed money will be put into the technologies that will get us out of this mess.

What I don’t do is vote against urban planning or rail that climate change is not real or claim that the Federal government is useless, and then ask for $150 billion from my fellow Americans to fix my problems.

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