Hurricane Harvey and the Failure of the Free Market
Paul Constant

I think it’s fairly easy to see who on here assumes they will always have $99 for their baby for water and who lives in the real world.

This is NOT Venezuela. This is a short term shortage in a country with plenty of bottled water. This is not a permanent crisis in which the government is trying to cheat rich people out of their ability to gouge the poor. This is a disaster in which trucks are already headed to Houston to fix the shortages.

Tell me again why anyone outside of Texas should donate money to the victims of Harvey when people in Texas are willing to gouge their neighbors for a profit? Because let’s be honest — with the exception of fuel- most of those supplies are being bought by major corporations at the prices the rest of us pay — not the highly inflated prices of gougers.

You want to charge $99 for water? So be it. Let Texas pass an emergency income tax (not sales tax) on sales income of 10%. If you’re selling within normal profit margins, you won’t even notice.

If you’re gouging, you’ll pay the price.

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