The Opportunity Cost of Moving 23 Times in 36 Years
Romie Stott

It sounds exciting and I hope you’re enjoying every minute of it.

But you’re 36 and you should be able to pop into a situation and take over.

Now, let me be a cautious voice. You need to save. You need to save more than the average person. You need to have savings in the country where you live and with your track record, a few others. Because the day comes when you’re 60 or 65 or even 70 and they don’t want you. Or you injure yourself and you can’t work for three months. You don’t want to find yourself stuck in a place that was fine for six months, 18 months whatever — you don’t want to find yourself stuck there permanently because you can’t find a new job in a different place and you haven’t worked in that country long enough to be enrolled in the pension scheme.

You need escape money.

Good luck, I wish you many happy years.

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