Read This if You Think Age Doesn’t Matter
Todd Brison

It sounds like you may get to be 96 yourself, given your genes & assuming you have a reasonably healthy lifestyle.

Start planning now. Don’t just have hobbies & interests that a person in their 30s can be good at — look for ones that you can be interested in over a lifetime. Get in the habit of making new friends, of trying new things. Start learning a new thing every two or three years.

Make old friends, make young friends.

Save money.

Your great grandmother had no idea what kind of a world she would face when she was in her 90s. Neither do I — even though that will only be 40 years from now. Neither do you.

And frankly, that’s the wonderful thing about the time and place we are in. Anything can happen -wonderful, awful, all of the above. Prepare yourself to be in the moment for all the moments.

So plan to be a time traveler. My aunt will be 80 next year and she’s out and about every morning and she has friends who are thirty years younger than she is (and a few who are 10 years older). That’s my role model.

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