When I went away to college, my grandfather gave me a $20 bill.
Delia Harrington

My grandmother and mother called it cab fare. Before you went on a date for the first time they would give me a $20. Put the $20 in your bra — if he reaches for it, call a cab. (this in the days when a cab was $3)

But that was one of the first financial lessons my grandmother taught us all -make sure you have enough money stashed to walk away. From a bad job, a bad living situation, whatever. She never would have dreamed calling it a FYF — although God knows I do. But she stashed money throughout the house for an emergency.

The other lesson she and my grandfather both taught me was that women handled money. My grandfather made it and then he brought it home, handed it over; my mother did the same thing, and neither of them ever worried about a bill until Annie told them to. Money bored my grandfather so he was happy & proud to hand it over and get back to the good stuff. (Reading the newspaper, playing cards, yelling at the President on the TV).

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