The idea that men are just heartbroken is so dishonest too.
AJ Butler

They lived together because they couldn’t afford to live apart. Which may seem like a good thing to YOU at this moment but which actually meant that a lot of women were trapped in a house with a drunk or an abuser. Some men were trapped with an abuser as well but it was usually easier for them to skip town. Only then they had to leave their kids in that hellhole.

Which also meant that kids were trapped in a house with people who hated each other, sometimes hated them and everyone was afraid to say anything since they didn’t have any choices.

I’m not saying that was every working class household because it wasn’t. But it was a heckuva lot more of them than you seem to think.

Honest to God, you have no clue what life was actually like back then.

You need either to take a history course or get counseling because, son, you are bleeding on the page here and I don’t think it’s helping you.

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