Oh, women… “Whoa… I should have a savings account?

Typho said “I know a lot of women live dependent lifestyles where they just sponge off the breadwinner, or simply don’t set any money aside for themselves but rather blow it on impractical stuff or other forms of instant gratification, and then they find themselves locked in a relationship (at times abusive ones) they wish to leave.”

I want you to think about this judgment you’re making here. You do understand that an abuser may be willing to pay for things while denying the abused person the actual cash to get free of them? I have never been in this situation but God knows I’ve tried to help women get out of one. Yes, it looks like sponging — because they’re hurting and they’re trying to make themselves feel better. They don’t have the money to leave because they’re not the one who pays the bill. And the one who pays the bills doesn’t let them start a savings account. One guy I know went into a bank and closed his wife’s account because she didn’t need one. (Granted this was a long time ago.) But she needed one. He just knew if she had one she’d leave him.

I said before I was raised by men and women both who said always have enough cash to get out of whatever is going wrong. But it’s raising and it’s luck. And I was both raised right and very lucky.

Open your eyes.

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