Interviewing Ellie

Today I interviewed Ellie from my Media Writing class and learned more about her than I would have in a normal class setting. This experience was interesting and a great way to learn more about someone you don’t know.

When asked who her role model is, Ellie knew her answer right away. “My grandma immediately pops into my head because she is the most giving person I know.” Ellie acknowledged that most people would say it was their mom or dad, but for Ellie her grandma is her role model because of her ability to give without expecting anything in return. Ellie wishes she could someday be just as giving as her grandma.

Leading a happy life is the most important thing to Ellie. Again, she brought up how most people would say ‘family and friends’. However, Ellie cares most about having a happy life and being able to “help others have a happy life, the ‘others’ meaning my family and friends”.

Ellie’s full name is Elizabeth Grace. “My parents didn’t want me to be a Liz or a Beth, they wanted something different. They wanted me to be an Ellie. I now know a lot of Ellies so it’s not that different after all.”

Ellie has one dog and one fish. She had a second dog who died before the school year started. “Dogs are so loving and giving, all they want is attention. You are their everything. It makes you feel important. I have a fish, and a lot of people make fun of me for it, but I swear he communicates with me. Pets are companions that you take care of.” Ellie’s belief that her fish communicates with her sounds funny but also shows how much she cares about her pets.

When asked why humans scream and run when they see a small bug, Ellie shrugged. “I’m not one to scream when I see a bug. They’re still gross but I’m not scared to touch them. I guess they’re scary because they’re small and can fit into places. You can lose track of them easily. I guess it has to do with the unknown: what if it’s poisonous or something?”

Ellie pictures aliens as “green, oval eyes, holes for a nose, a HUGE head, a stick body figure with nubs for fingers. No clothes, just arms and legs. Basically the alien emoji.”

Ellie is motivated by finding what makes her most happy in life and by her grandma’s giving soul. She seems to love and care very deeply about her pets.

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