Milwaukee Public Market Adventures — Discovering the Green Kitchen

Today I interviewed Michael from The Green Kitchen at the Milwaukee Public Market. The Green Kitchen has a menu full of different sandwiches, juices, and salads.

Michael has been working at the Green Kitchen for four months, and in that time he has learned a lot about ‘green’ food. He told me that since he has worked at this shop, it has definitely influenced how he eats. Michael has found himself eating more ‘green’ foods such as kale, ginger, and some of the sandwiches that the shop sells.

His favorite part of working at the Green Kitchen is how fast-paced it is. The fast-paced environment is very observable when a customer walks up to the cashier and within a few minutes, their meal is ready to go. The employees pride themselves on how quickly they can make a salad or sandwich and serve it to their customers. Having a fast-paced environment is definitely important during the lunch hours, which is usually when the line gets incredibly long. Michael told me that they have plenty of ‘regulars’ who come everyday and get the same thing, so much so that the employees have their orders memorized.

Michael’s favorite item that the Green Kitchen sells is ginger. He had never really had it before his employment at the shop and now loves it.

When asked what made him want to work at the Public Market, Michael gave a long pause before smiling and honestly saying: “I just needed a part-time job.”

The Green Kitchen in the Public Market is it’s only location. This explains why it’s such a popular stop for many market customers. The menu items typically stay the same year-round, with the exception of a few seasonal salads. According to Michael, the most popular menu items are: the #11 sandwich (Arugula Pesto Chicken), the Super Green juice, and the Awesome Avocado salad.

Michael’s favorite thing about working in the Public Market is the network of local shops throughout the building. It’s clear that many of the workers in the different shops have gotten to know each other through working in such a close space.

Learning about the Green Kitchen and the Milwaukee Public Market atmosphere in general has been very interesting. I normally would never have asked the person I was ordering food from all about their experiences in the shop/restaurant they work in but I think it’s pretty cool to learn about others’ experiences.

The sandwich I ordered from The Green Kitchen (Fresh Mozzarella & Pesto)
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