Bridget: The women’s march may have represented different things to different people, but All women…
Candy Kearney

Do some research. If Roe v Wade is overturned, women of color and indigenous women will suffer disproportionately as compared to their white counterparts. This is a fact.

I’m sorry you’re taking this as divisive but I believe it was divisive for 53% of white women to jeopardize my future as a person of color by voting for Trump. Perhaps you should be lecturing your white sisters, cousins, and aunts about being divisive as Black women knew enough to vote against Trump.

As we speak my family members are figuring out if they will be able to leave the country to visit a sick family member as they watch people who look like them be detained at airports because of the votes of these white women — are your family members dealing with this same situation right now ? Probably not, right ? So no, white women and women of color really are not in the same boat right now. So, sorry if I’m not neccesarily feeling the solidarity thing at the moment, but y’all got us into this mess and now we (as in people of color) are dealing with the circumstances. You can march all you like, but it’s a fact.