BridgeTower Capital and Artemundi Announce “Masterpieces of Art” NFT Series and community available in BridgeTower Market

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— Dynamic NFTs of Spanish Master Francisco Goya available in Limited Edition NFT Series —

March 2, 2023 — BridgeTower Capital, an innovator in connecting blockchain markets globally, and Artemundi, a leading art investment management company, launched the “Masterpieces of Art” Limited Edition dynamic NFT Series featuring historically acclaimed pieces of art from Spanish master Francisco Goya with announcements from future masters expected this year.

The limited edition NFTs are available in the BridgeTower Market. The dynamic NFTs serve as a “visual container” for a Masterpiece NFT art community featuring historical information, modern interpretations and a podcast about the series. Earlier this year, the two companies announced a partnership to join forces in the NFT space and offered its first limited edition NFT of Goya’s Caprice №6 titled, “No One Knows Each Other.”

“NFTs offer art collectors a digital format to own, closely examine and enjoy masterpieces of art and create portability and opportunities to digitally present masterpieces complementing physical works and expanding availability in an entirely new manner,” said Artemundi Chief Executive Officer Javier Lumbreras. “Art is at the heart of our society’s ability to resist dehumanization as it fills emotional gaps through the expression of ideas that have stood the test of time. I believe this is another modern-day way to digitally share those experiences.”

Artemundi is an art investment management company with thousands of successful transactions and over a billion dollars managed in art. It has achieved attractive rates of return for investors looking to diversify holdings into tangible assets with performance unrelated to the capital markets. In addition, Artemundi has pioneered on a global scale the adoption of technology to create new investment opportunities through blockchain and art securitization.

The first five NFTs released from the Goya caprices include: “They already have a seat”, “What a golden beak!”, “You won’t escape” and “What a sacrifice”. A new NFT will be released every two weeks, including its correspondent discussion forum, podcast and more educational materials to foster contemporary discussion on the multiple meanings of these timeless artworks.

BridgeTower has developed its own Market and technology as a seamlessly integrated global platform to enable an institutional gateway to staked securities, NFTs, financial products and Web 3.0 entities. The “Masterpieces of Art Series” can be accessed through the BridgeTower Market that is built with best-in-class partners and a sophisticated technology stack featuring integrations with market leading systems across the industry. The result is seamless and secure access and usage for Institutions seeking to participate in blockchain technology investment.

BridgeTower has collaborated with the leading players in the industry to create the BridgeTower Market including Chainlink, the market-leading oracle solution for auditing on-chain and off-chain reserves; Securitize, a leading global digital transfer agent; and Circle, a peer-to-peer technology payment leader.

“The launch of the BridgeTower Market is a two-year culmination of searching out the best partners in the world and developing an elite technology stack capable of offering a simple to use, regulatory compliant global platform for institutional investors to participate in an industry that is forever changing the world,” said BridgeTower CEO Cory Pugh. “I am proud of the team and thrilled that one of the first chances to showcase the Market will be with this unusual opportunity of fine art NFTs with Artemundi who is widely seen as a global leader in the world of fine art collection.”

About Artemundi

Artemundi was born out of a rebellious idea and a principled objective: to help their clients build and diversify their art investments without the excessive fees associated with traditional brick-and-mortar art companies while adhering to transparent business practices. Since its foundation in 1989, Artemundi has evolved into an industry-leading art investment company with thousands of successful transactions and over a billion dollars managed in art.

About BridgeTower

BridgeTower Capital is a technology-first integration platform that provides blockchain infrastructure services, securitization, tokenization, capital market advisory services and ecosystem integration. BridgeTower operates more than 8,000 of its own staking nodes and owns servers utilizing 100 percent renewable energy. BridgeTower’s architecture has been carefully curated to offer unmatched capabilities to help its large traditional partners navigate the challenges involved with tokenizing assets and accessing blockchain-based markets. The in-house, proprietary technology is the culmination of years of blockchain-native experts building to solve the market’s most challenging problems. BridgeTower is a global company based in Singapore with operating entities in Switzerland and the United States allowing it to compliantly address many of the most important jurisdictions in the global economy. Learn more at



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