Why I try my best to nurture my creativity

Most creators are talented in more than just one area of their lives. They have a range of creative capabilities. Some choose to focus on just one talent, while others work across a range of creative projects. Other people may not consider themselves creatives at all, yet have latent talents which they have suppressed or ignored it because of the environment they were brought up in, or they felt like there wasn’t the place or time for it in their lives.

It took me along time to come accept and focus on myself as being a creative. While I studied Drama (I majored in Design and Dance Choreography) when I started working I pursued a career in film and television. Initially I focused on wardrobe and art direction but eventually I slipped into the role of production assistant and ultimately worked to become a producer. It seemed like a natural progression at the time, I was organised, ambitious and motivated. Production showed a clear growth path, and I was humbled by other peoples creativity. I always felt other people’s work was better.

I was a good producer, not the worst and not the best. I was good with people though, and I understood the creative mindset — this allowed me to get the best of both worlds and resulted in great growth and success in our business.

As our company grew I became aware of how the advertising work in particular was making our creative director and the creative team miserable. So I focused on creating opportunities for the creatives to be able to thrive. Soon our company was doing all sorts of creative projects. We were doing long form animation, as well as producing local and international television productions and it seemed to work, the creatives seemed more inspired, they looked happier and more motivated even with the remaining advertising work they were doing.

Unfortunately this creative glow didn’t last long. Soon they were again in the same creative doldrum. Regardless of being paid better at our studio and having more interesting and diverse projects they were miserable and indifferent. How could I motivate them better I asked myself?

Sadly the company suffered a series of blows that it could not come back from and it had to close its doors. I was devastated, It took me a very long time to recover, I felt as though I had lost a child.

The creatives bounced back quickly, they were some of the best and soon they had new job opportunities or had started new companies. While they were quickly to new beginnings, the strange thing was, that they were all were doing the same work, the work they had seemed to loathe so much.

I was baffled, I couldn’t understand how you could have the courage to be a creative, follow the creative path and not choose the path you love.

On my journey through the dark night of my soul, I started meditating. It seemed to let the light in. It opened up my mind and my heart. It inspired me to activate my creative spirit. Suddenly I was writing songs again: I was painting, I re-arranged our bookshelf by colour, and I began writing. All this lifted me from the darkest depths of despair. I felt my heart sing, like I hadn’t since I had been choreographing dance at university.

The more creative I was, the more I felt lighter, healthier, happier. The more I meditated, the more I wanted to pursue a creative path. It made me happy.

I decided to make a shift in my life to focus on being a creative. I left the business behind. Instead of creating opportunities for other creative people, I would focus on my own creativity, who cares if someone else’s work is better, I didn’t matter what mattered was being in the light.

And so I continually focus on nurturing my creativity, and this is what it has meant for me;

Everyday I feel new ideas blossoming, I see new opportunities opening up, and I feel more connected to the world around me, to nature and the ones I love.

I have seen my first passion project (a VR project) be selected for a content market. The same project when submitted for potential financing was received with ‘This is awesome’. Who knows what the end result will be, but it feels good.

I took a leap of faith to pursue my creativity. And while my journey was only just beginning I can only encourage everyone with a creative bone in their body to follow their creative drive. Whether its cooking, baking or decorating to find those things that inspire and encourage the light and love to flow in your life.

So, how do you remain in the flow, nurture and encourage your creative spirit?

I believe it is a journey of continually accepting and nurturing, but here are a couple of things that work for me.

Taking time out.

Taking time out to laugh and to play. Taking time out to get some inspiration. Taking some time out in nature.

All these things feed the creative spirit, and encourage you to be in the flow.

Experiment with other creative activities.

If you write, then draw. If you play an instrument then sing. This will help to activate your creativity in different ways.

Eat healthy, and exercise.

This is counter intuitive for a lot of creative people who are not sporty. Feeling good in your body encourages good things. If you eat well, and excercise, you sleep well. Rest and relation inspires creativity.

Be present. Be in the moment.

Shine your light and talent out into the world, by doing something that you love all the time.

If you nurture your creativity it will nurture you too. We can all use more nourishment:)