How to Professionally Approach Etsy Sellers To Resell Their Products
Zac Hansen

Hi Zach, I would take a dim view of anyone stealing my designs without first asking permission. I own several registered trademarks and all my pieces were issued certified copyrights by the USPTO in October of 2014. My attorney enforces my trademarks and copyrights and in this instance he would, as I have already spoken with him about this. Please let people know not to scrape Etsy products without first asking permission from the artistan. I am not willing to have someone waterdown my brand as I have my own Shopify and Etsy store and have spent 10 years building brand recognition. Artists are far different that mass manufactured products from overseas and we operate at a smaller profit margin, and many times wholesale is not an option for us. This app make work for some and many Etsy sellers may like the fact that their products will get more recognition. This is not the case with my brand.

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