Hi, I’m Nick.
Nick Cernera

Hey, Nick. I’m Bridgette but you probably already know that, ha ha.

I never know what to say, but for some reason I always know what to write.

Since no one in real life wants to listen to my rants, I seek refuge here, where intelligent conversations flourish.

I write. I because I want to escape the world of consuming. I was always a reader, and books will always be my first love, but I never felt qualified to create anything of my own.

I’ve been battling the curse of perfectionism for as long as I’ve been in school, and everyday I break another one of its chains. I’ve learned to stop shielding all my work with the false facade of perfection, for it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and makes me feel like an impostor.

I’m severely introverted and was never a people person, but I’m working on that. It’s the other voices and words that can keep you company during your loneliest times, and the Internet just isn’t enough sometimes.

I despise the words “So tell me about yourself”, for my answers will never be enough for anyone or even myself to fully understand, but at least you have an idea.

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