Your post speaks so much truth.
Jessica Cote

Our society needs more people who are willing to do that without something in return. People can be so focused on their own advancement that they forget about the relationships they’re forming with others. They completely miss the point that rewards will never last as long as the positive connections you leave behind by sharing your Goodness.

I also bothers me how people instinctively say that they owe someone else their life for saving them or that they “owe them one”. They only owe that person their humanity and character, for empty material things are like Shut Up money. They’re given in order to keep another’s compliance as their Goodness drains.

Thank you for reading. This is something that I’ve had on my chest for a while but never had the audacity to execute in words. I’m glad you understood a message buried under a mountain of other more popular articles you could have been reading.

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