I beg your pardon, my reader, for having more rambled than chronicled, but sometimes we have to let emotions just flow and they have their peculiar way to lead our hand.
The difference between pessimistic and subjective.
Alessandro Tinchini

This is an excellent point and needs to start being noticed as an acceptable thing instead of just being called “crappy writing”.

Our education system has taught us that writing is a structured thing that we must do a specific way. We’re told we can’t go into the deep end without any outline or plan or we’ll drown. We’re told that we can’t go in flying by the seat of our pants without a point to make that is backed up by hours of research. We acquire this notion that we can’t go in and express ourselves boundlessly, that the essays we’re assigned is how we’re supposed to write — the kind of writing deemed desirable in society, the kind of writing that gets you a job.

It destroys your creativity in the process, and what is life without that?

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