Life in the Gig Economy, or The Economics of Desperation
Matthew Barad

This is truly the most demoralizing part of our capitalist society. We all live as prey for the plutocrats while silently longing to become one of them too — the predators.

I really do hope that this will be taught in schools years from now, instead of drilling Education is the key to success! and If you don’t go to college you’ll never get to make anything of yourselves! into a bunch of unsuspecting five-year-olds’ brains for twelve years. I am tempted to email this to every PTA parent out there because they know the world is unfair, but they keep us locked from the outside while ranting about how we might need calculus in “the real world”.

In The Real World, even the people who play the game right and follow all the rules get screwed.

I love your work. Keep speaking the truth.

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