The internet shut down. And now?
Alessandro Tinchini

This is why I always draft my Medium articles in the journal that I have. I’ve been doing that for some time now, but not everything I write gets published. I’ve always preferred handwriting to the Internet because I’m naturally a manual person. In school, whenever there is an option to do a project on paper or on a word document, I always choose paper. I do so because I do like to beautify my work with calligraphy, sketches, and other designs you just can’t do on the computer. Word documents are structured to the point where you lose the freedom that you are privileged with when you use paper. I’m an insanely meticulous person; sometimes I’ll waste two hours just picking out fonts because things just aren’t perfect enough on the Internet because my hands have no control.

Before I write, I like to jot down a few ideas for titles for the article I’m about to write and hand letter the best one with markers, like so.

This my favorite part of the drafting process. It makes it more fun, as I can come up with titles for future articles in my calligraphy sketchbook, gaining inspiration from the artistic part of my brain. I also like to draw in the margins of my notebook, just words and symbols for topics that I think of early on when I write and want to add later on so I don’t forget them.

I sometimes have connectivity issues while transferring everything from my journal to the internet, so if anything happens and all my work is lost, I still have the original version handwritten. It’s also easier to edit in my journal; staring at a screen tends to overwhelm me with all the empty white space. I write so much slower on Medium because I’m used to having my work online be the best and most edited. I’ll spend an hour daunted by the blank screen and retreat to my notebooks, where I’m free to just write without distractions.

Writing everything in a notebook is totally worth it, at least for me. Sure, it’s a lot slower and your hand is going to hurt like crazy, but it’s so satisfying and rewarding. You should start doing it if you can. Obviously it doesn’t have to be as extra as I make it, but it’s a liberating experience that you can modify in your own way.

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