Yeah, maybe my ‘Really?’
Ben Yardley

I hear you.

Interesting and yes a little “facety” (Jamaican slang for facetious).

Facety is funny and rude, while still being a version of the truth. Usually uncomfortable to both sender and receiver. It makes the sender seem superior.

Makes everything you understand or believe about truth seem, um, like vapour? Intangible. Something like that.

I am Canadian. Born Jamaican. Immigrant but now citizen.

Growing up here in multicultural Toronto, Ontario, you understand your differences as a child, but it never made you feel — at least not to me or anyone I know, of any complexion — that you don’t have equal access and couldn’t achieve your wildest dreams. Except one group.

I kept thinking about aboriginal peoples when you and the OP facetiously mentioned Canadians. I kept thinking they might really regret that their forefathers welcomed immigrants.

#alternativeFacts #bias #whiteprivilege #facety