Rodney, the Drinking Fountain, and the Little White Racist: How I Learned to Fear Black People
Mark Wyner

Thanks for sharing this memory Mark. I remember something similar from my childhood that always made me wary of white adults till this day.

Differently, a few days ago while watching Decedents 2 with my daughter and niece, something my 10 yo said to her cousin struck me deep.

“I’m cheering for Ursula’s daughter bruh! Not to be racist or anything, even though she’s an evil, she’s like one of like 3 black characters in this whole movie! You gotta cheer for the underdog, bruh!”

I know it’s hard to be completely unaware of your blackness when there is so much noise (and mom is a wannabe activist), but I didn’t think she was paying any attention or cared one iota about race things as she spends most of her media time consumed with anime, YouTube and graphic novels.

What struck me is that she associated being black with an underdog status. The lesser. Evil? Needing support? Not equal.

Her mind is agile, like most her age, and if she, a black child, feels this way, how are non black children interpreting this?

Thanks for your insight.

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