8 Ways Facebook Live Will Improve Your Life

Are you on Facebook? Of course, you are!

Let’s face it. Facebook Live can be done anywhere, anytime. Well, unless you don’t have the internet, but that would just be mad. Insanity. Cray-cray. Or, whatever the hell kids are saying these days.

Lately, the case is being made to use Facebook LESS. And, I agree, staring at your phone all day is NOT healthy. But, there are some really great benefits from social media, and Facebook Live can actually be really beneficial.

Videos are exactly how I started building my tribe early and quickly. And, you can too.

In fact, I’ve had people hire me who aren’t even on my email list. They’ve simply watched my videos.

But, here is why you (and everyone!) should be doing live videos. Even if you don’t have a business:

  • Live videos get you out of your comfort zone and allow you to experience growth.
  • Create connection. What better way to connect virtually with people all over the world, than LIVE?!
  • Information transfer. Would you rather read an 800-word blog post, or watch a 5-minute video? For the majority of the people on the internet, including myself, the answer is overwhelmingly: watch a 5-minute video.
  • Live videos get the highest ranking in the Facebook news feed. Basically, more people will hear what you have to say. Hello, marketing made simple.
  • Build confidence. Even if you don’t own a business. You are an expert at something. You have gifts and talents. Share your story with the world! Make an impact.
  • Unless you are Shakespeare, videos are the simplest way to increase your know/like/trust factor. Videos make you become kind of famous. You know how you feel like you know the characters from your fav TV show? Yup, that will be you.
  • Establish authority. If you want to be known as a credible expert at something, you need to be doing videos. Period.
  • Generate momentum. Move forward massively, but imperfectly. Live videos are raw and authentic. You can literally shoot one in under a minute. No need for perfection.

So basically, you need to be doing videos.

Live videos can inspire creativity within you, and force you to “think on your toes.”

I don’t care if you aren’t perfect. Or, if you aren’t sure what to do. Or, if you are afraid. Give yourself permission to move forward imperfectly.