Magia in un Pub

Wednesday. 1:30 am.

As you know, Italy hasn’t necessarily been the absolute best time of my life. I like Italy but it’s hard to explain.

But then there’s moments like this, where things fall into place. Things click. Call it fate or whatever you want, but life always puts you where you need to be.

I had a moment of magic tonight that served as a breath of fresh air in this hazy new way of life I am figuring out here. I met a woman the other night; I asked to take her picture and then we started talking. After I asked, “Parli Inglese?” We talked for hours. It was an immediate connection. I ran into her twice that night and asked when I could see her next. She told me come to this place where she will be playing music (I later found out she is a DJ) on Wednesday night.

I took a gamble. After asking everybody for directions to this place, I go into downtown Urbino desperately trying to find this mysterious place. As fate would have it, my new friend Elanor was standing outside. She put her hands up to her face to block the light coming from the street lamp and quickly said, “Bridgette, is that you?!”

Although she wasn’t playing her music tonight, she invited me in for “birres.” This pub was the kind of pub I would go to at home in Fort Collins — I asked the bartender in broken Italian, preferito birre? And of course he poured me a foamy glass of Italian IPA.

Live music played in the background; covers of American music nonetheless. Eleanor introduced me (sono Americano) to all of her friends.

We sat together, drank beer, and talked about art and travel and music festivals and meeting new people and the charm of small towns and the allure of big towns.

I told Elanor that I am traveling by myself for two weeks after and what I should go see. Elanor said, “See it all. Once you visit all these new capitals and cultures, it will make you grow.”

I trust her.

We finished our drinks. Elanor put out her cigarette. We kissed on the cheek as true Italians do.

I said hopefully I’d see her soon. She said and if not then have a wonderful life.

I don’t know if I’ll see her again. But magic happens and life always has a funny way working out especially when there’s good beer involved.