Louisville Business Owners: Adder Wants to Help Promote Your Brand!

The side gig that can help get your business exposure in your community.

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People love the idea of a side hustle to bring in extra cash, and many are making money through ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft. Now, Adder Mobile Technologies is giving people the opportunity to make extra money — advertising on their vehicles as a side gig while promoting your business!

Drivers with Adder can sign up for free and make money driving without having to pick up strangers or deliver food.

Adder’s drivers are ready to promote your business to your community with this unique creative advertising platform. These people are already driving in your target region every day, why not let them advertise your business?

Data from the OAAA shows that people favor Out of Home advertising. Especially now that more and more consumers are becoming wary of online ads.

Which would you trust more? A loud autoplay video that pops up while you’re trying to scroll through Facebook, or a creative outdoor advertisement that you see in your own community?

The choice is clear.

Over 70% of Out of Home advertisements promote local businesses, and a recent global econometrics study by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) showed that OOH advertisements deliver a high ROI —

For every $1 spent on Out of Home advertising, $2.80 was seen in sales results.

Not only that, in the OAAA study, it was determined that 58% of people polled search the web as a direct result of seeing an Out-of-Home ad, and 82% of those polled search the web after seeing an OOH ad with five exposures. 58% said they’d buy a product after seeing an OOH ad after five exposures.

People like OOH, people notice OOH, and as the numbers show, people respond to OOH.

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Out of Home advertising also reaches tech-savvy consumers between the ages of 18 and 49. Many people in this age range, over 50%, are using ad blockers, so they aren’t seeing your online ads, but they are seeing OOH ads and car wrap advertising. They are noticing creative ads over the loud, obnoxious online ads. This gives OOH the advantage.

Attracting tech-savvy consumers is an advantage too. These consumers have a 53% chance of using mobile and social media to share information. So, if customers see your ad and trust your brand, they’ll spread the word.

The drivers who will wrap their cars are already in your area, they’re already driving down the streets of your target region. Car wrap advertising and other examples of Out-of-Home advertising are seen as more likeable and trustworthy than anything seen online. Over 85% of people believe that Out-of-Home advertising is useful.

So the question is — why aren’t you using OOH on your next advertising campaign?

The advantage of web ads is you can easily track their reach. With many examples of outdoor advertising, you don’t get real-time analytics.

That’s where Adder comes in.

Adder Mobile Technologies combines outdoor advertising with digital analytics technology. Coming in October, your marketing team can join the free app, start a creative campaign for your business, and allow the willing drivers in your area to make extra cash while getting your brand out there.

Adder also gives the drivers tips on how to get the most impressions out of their rides. Your business can review this information, giving you accurate results and analytics about the car advertisement’s reach in the community!

With Adder Mobile Technologies, car wrap advertising is used to give your community opportunities to see your ad. Using Adder, your ad can be placed on vehicles throughout any city or region.

Photo by Rob Bye on Unsplash

Raise your brand awareness and increase your sales using trustworthy Out-of-Home advertisement in your community.

Get your business off the screens and into the streets today.

For further information on starting a campaign with Adder Mobile Technologies, contact our sales team!




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