I’m feeling so out of place, so

Claustrophobic ,so much like a burden & unwanted & unloved,

& in the way.

They all make me feel like I am

Really stupid and incapable of

Caring for myself much less my 3 boys , one being handicaped.

All while being a single mom.

Not by choice of course, but because my husband loved me

& every other woman in range.

And decided that a job was not

A priority….resulting in me and kids moving in with my mother & niece.

Then , the nephew moves in.

Then another niece & now it’s all 8 of us….in a 2 bedroom apt.

Right smack dab in the middle of one of our shittiest areas of town….hella drug usage & buying an selling…

And tagging most likely by teens. And they walk around here like they are hardcore gangsters-NOT!!

And here? We are the minority…being only a small part of handful of whites.

The rest are all mexicans , the straight from the border kind .

And blacks ..the saggin pants kind.. I absolutely hate it here with a passion … I desperately miss my home & town.

My life I used to have

And I’m not sure at all where to go from here. My family deserves better and most definitely my sons.

I feel like a failure. I feel like I’m a waste of space …and oxgen.

And I just do not have a c

Lue…,as what to do