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Not all “rednecks & hillbilly’s” are dumb asses! I’m from the South & very well educated!

I don’t go to BBQ’s and bars and get wasted or excited to hear The Charlie Daniels Band ! We don’t all act like dumb talking / sounding idiots .We DO however know how to have a good time. We like our country music, get togethers ,being loud ,yes that is true! And yes we are VERY proud of where we come from.So? What’s wrong with that? Just because we don’t go to many Art showings or to bars to listen to pianist playing Billy Joel or go to wine tasting parties. And we are not tree huggers. Why all the HATE? If you actually use your brain & think about it, we are a lot alike.

We all like to socialize, we like to drink, we like music. We like to eat. Just because we wear big hats and boots and you may wear polo shirts or Ralph Lauren and dress shoes ? We all are wearing clothes period. I wouldn’t care if you wore staletto heals and a garbage bag! So, here’s some advice from one of them hillbilly rednecks:

1- Don’t hate,it makes you ugly.

2- Don’t judge people,you are not GOD.

3- Negative people only attract other miserable people. Misery loves company..,..

4- you can always agree to disagree

5- Don’t assume all people from the South are alike, and we won’t assume all people like you grow up to be self righteous , hollier than thou, wanna be Liberace’s sipping on their fancy glasses of champagne or Starbucks while at a borders book store reading about imported cheese’s or how far to hold out your pinky while sipping your wine imported from Italy!

6- If you are in a place you don’t feel comfortable in? LEAVE!

7- GROW UP!!!