White Noise
Son of Baldwin

Where in the original note did the neighbor complain that it was because Richard was black? Where in the original note is there indication of racism? Seems like Richard is the disgruntled neighbor, who has been caught being an asshole neighbor and is now trying to deflect the situation by blaming racism (wow, something Donald Trump has been doing recently with his sexual comments by now blaming Bill Clinton.) If you have neighbors that live above you, below you, next to you, as a paying tenant, you’d want the same respect I would assume. I bet if the tables were turned and some asshole neighbor was making noise at 2AM and you’d have to get up at 6AM you would complain too? The reason why this country is only seeing black and white, is because of people like you who post stupid information about something that has nothing to do with race and make it about race. Seems like now people cannot complain about being stepped on, coughed on, bumped into because suddenly if you do, it’s because of the color of their skin. You want “fake racism” to stop, then perhaps you shouldn’t bring in “racism” when there isn’t any!

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