Perfection shows no affection for its created fulfilled. Progression comes from affection as its gained in time revealed.” -Brielle Cole

Without “Vibes” a situation is a statistic. Vibration is the communication for energy. Energy is existence. We all “Vibe” and have since conception, along with every other mammal. Energy has always existed and it always will, creating matter. Ever heard the saying “People who mind don’t matter, and people who matter don’t mind.” ? Think about each of those words, a mirrored opposite that basically describes everyone’s life. Make yourself think for 30 seconds, the peace gained is so worth it. Watch out you might get addicted to clarity like I, evolving into classification of being “off the grid” because you can’t “vibe” with society as you communicate on a deeper level understanding purpose. Beneath the masked madness stemming from fear of what others will think lies your purpose which in essence grows into passion. This is all appealing but I know let me guess your thinking easier said than done huh? Well there could be an alternative meaning to that famous quote, think about it like this: whatever the situation may be including, it always starts with you by saying what you are wanting to feel or accomplish. You already can’t think the desired thought so don’t make it worse for yourself. Just tell yourself what your trying to think quietly or noticeably, either way before you know it you will be telling yourself subconsciously utilizing the mode of communication connected to energy, “Vibes”. You will become so in touch with your bodies communication that crazy things happen like you tell yourself that you can write a book and one day you begin. It’s better to tell yourself what you need to do and let life take over by your mind following your actions and mirroring the verbalized thought as one. You have control to define your life you just have to do it.

Brielle Cole

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