“Moths will always be attracted to light, just like parasites will always be attracted to warmth. Protect your space and forever create.”

Your purpose is to be divine and separate yourself. That little voice in your head that connected with plan B during your rebellious adolescent years is not a hallucination. It’s rather, raw opportunity. Opportunity for advancement, growth, and evolution of self through defining self passion to creating self purpose. Realize how frequent self exists in that sentence. Maintain a direct disconnect with negative energy, which in retrospect can be anything as existence of matter requires energy. The simplest way most of you can recognize negatives would most likely include associations to descending mood changes. With that, anything from initiating, establishing, and maintaining a negative. Being human we engage deeper when we’re noticeably self benefitting, so I’ll use a more superior-roled example. Imagine doing bedside rounding on your third shift better yet your extra shift, your following a colleague that’s notorious for leaving unfinished or unacknowledged tasks. It’s evident the cycle hasn’t changed when you discovered the piles of dirty linen in each room, what a great welcome or should I say thank you from a coworker. Some would react with revenge and plan to return the dirt, while others would respond with their reputation by refusing to alter their actions/intentions when encountered by a negative. Recognize your value and recognize the need, show a captured soul to set it free. To be entitled to be bothered, you must finish with sharing the gained peace and clarity. To acknowledge correctly you must exploit through lesson teaching. The key to clarity is to maintain a separation with negatives by allowing their defined divine purpose to be a lesson for some and a reminder to all. To achieve success within independent evolution, have a life of reminders instead of igniters. Value yourself by valuing your purpose starting with valuing your passion, what you love close to the point of obsession. Nourish to flourish, exude constructive guidance to allow others to gain the intent you did. We all can recognize negatives, that’s where gossip takes place. You must acknowledge not recognize, to be objective and not hop between both sides. Be you define you choose you change you know you to love you.

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