Greek Literature Weekly Journal

October 20, 2015 2:10- 3:30 pm

In class we started off with talking about a character that Odysseus will have to face on his journey or his hodos back to his homeland, Ithaka. We talked about how he would encounter a cyclops and he would poke the cyclops's eye out. While he and his men are stuck in the cave Odysseus uses a pseudonym name, Outis so that the cyclops doesn’t know who he is. Outis means nobody in Greek. So when he gets injured he yelling that “Nobody tricked him, Nobody ruined him.”

I also learned a few more Greek terms in class today.

Epimeleia — Attentiveness

Sophrosune — Self- resistant; sound mindedness; clear mind

A good example of Sophrosune is in the movie The Godfather. One of the main characters becomes the head of the mob family. He has to decide how he will retaliate after his family has been attacked. The character says he will meet with the people at a restaurant then shoot them in the face. He looks at as unsympathetic to the other men but he tells them that its just business.

October 21, 2015 9:00 - 11:00 p.m.

After I was finished reading book six I answered the questions assigned with the book.

Nausicaa seems to be enamored with Odysseus just like Calypso and Penelope are. The princess showed Xenia from the moment she met him. She made sure he was showered and had clothes to wear. In book six she tells the others that, “ A while ago he seemed an unpromising man to me. Now he even resembles one of the gods, Who hold high heaven. If only the man to be called my husband could be like this one a man living here, if only this one were pleased to stay here.” Likewise, Calypso has kept him for many years as a sex slave on her island. She also seems hospital because she helped him build a raft and made sure it had all the necessary items he needed. Similarly, Penelope has waited and remained faithful for Odysseus for twenty or more years. She wanted to stay with him and not be married off to another man.

We haven’t read too much about the Phaeacians but I would say that they are heroic. They have showed Xenia to Odysseus from the moment they met him and they even are able to help him along his journey by building him a ship. I would say that the king is a good leader. His people are a representation of him and since they are favorable people they must have a leader that is also.

October 22, 2015 2:10- 3:30 pm

After we finished our weekly quiz we had a discussion about a book called The Hungry Mind by Susan Engel. In the text she includes some information about “ No student left behind” Act which is a flagship aid program for students that are disadvantages in academia. We go to talk about items that we collected when we were younger or now. I never really collected anything but I did always keep the toys that I got in my McDonald's happy meal when I was younger. I have all the toys that I gathered over time on the top of my fridge back home.

Next we made a list of what collecting consists of.

  1. Making room for it
  2. Investment
  3. Money/ Time
  4. Display of Collection
  5. Holy Grail Item

We should be a collector in the field of study that we are interested in. Always gathering new data and making sure we still are passionate about it.

October 25, 2015 10:00am — 12:00pm; 5:00p.m — 7:00p.m.

After I was done reading books seven and ten I answered the questions that followed up with it.

Odysseus like all the other men in The Iliad wanted their Kleos. In The Odyssey when the Phaeacians are all gathered at the palace for the feast I don’t think he was thinking about getting kleos from telling his story to the people. The text says that the when the King invites his friend Demodokos he tells the fight between Odysseus and Achilles that went down before the Trojan war. Upon hearing this story Odysseus starts tearing up. Later that night Odysseus wants to hear Demodokos to sing about the great man Odysseus in the Trojan horse. He cries once again and when Akinoos sees him crying he wants Demodokos to stop. The guests start wonder who this man is so then Odysseus decides to tell his story.

I think that Odysseus is missing his comrades that died in the war and gets real sad when he hears about it. Telling others about the story might be a way for him to cope and it might make him feel better to finally tell other people.

According to civilized means having an advanced or human culture society, etc. I found everybody in the poem to be civilized. Everyone that Odysseus that lives on the island of Phaeacia shows nothing but Xenia to him. The king even offered him a ship so he could continue his journey back home. They celebrated him and showed hospitality without even knowing that he is the great Odysseus. The Phaeacians want to make sure that when this stranger gets back to his homeland he has nothing but good things to say.

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