My career is recession-proof…Right?

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Rewind to graduation. A joyous moment. I felt accomplished and ready to conquer the work world. No more restaurant jobs and temperamental alcoholic bosses. Yes, my first “big girl” career.

My career is what some would say “recession-proof”. I am in the broad sphere of the medical field. As a medical professional, one would assume I would have an abundance of job opportunities fresh out of school. Add on the crisis of the global pandemic and employers will just not leave me alone. Wrong.

My specific line of work is ultrasonography. While other modalities are booming, there has been a…

Whether you were involved in a romantic relationship for one month, one year, or thirty-two years, breakups really suck. None of us intentionally plot for our relationships to go south. However, our exes were meant to appear in our lives. There is always a lesson to be learned with each relationship we experience.

Remember that you are most definitely lovable and you ARE loved. You were actually conceived with feelings of love! …

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It’s quite tempting to hit snooze, snuggle underneath the warm covers with your fur baby, and “play hooky” for the day. Especially when you have a full day ahead packed with appointments that are not always on time, meetings with opinionated colleagues, cooking for the messy but adorable little ones, and squeezing in your spin class if you’re lucky.

The majority of the population lives as if they are on a hamster wheel, a never-ending cycle with little or no fulfilling purpose.

This is called autopilot. A state of where you act without self-awareness.

But life is not a mundane…

Brie Rosales

Dog Mom. Proud Millennial. Sometimes I talk too much. Why not write it out?

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