Baby steps. Time to stop blogging in my brain. You know you are doing it too. Writing all these wonderful words, catchy phrases and amazing ideas that will never see paper. Why do we hold back when we can share? The past month has been a practice of taking small bites out of a huge pie of expectations I have set for myself. 5–10 minutes of meditation instead of an hour, getting 5 things checked off my to-do list instead of 10. Making milestones achievable and reasonable is key to feeling successful. As Americans, we seem to set ourselves up for failure all too often.

I have been practicing making space in my life. Small spaces that can be filled with new energy, new practices and new successes. Taking a few minutes here and there to practice breathing, mindfulness, stretching or moving my body. Clearing a pile of papers, getting rid of a few things here and there, creating or developing an idea and putting it on paper.

Where do we start? How do we start? These are the questions we continue to ask ourselves. And we never start. We need to stop asking and just begin. Anywhere, any way, any time.

We are all pulled in different directions, have distractions, worries, anxieties, money troubles, health issues, family matters. They are not going away. We need to learn to breathe and make space in the midst of all of it, to do whatever it is we know we should do. Even if it’s just for one minute. And maybe the next day two minutes, then 5.

It’s taken me 41 years to realize that there is not going to be some magic day, a sweet spot, where all the stressors and interruptions go away and I can start doing what I want to be doing. I am just going to start doing them now. I am getting better at finding a small slice of time and just inserting into it, what I want to do, even in the midst of all the other things I “need” to do. Here’s to just the beginning of doing.