How to tell a story that sparks a movement.
Blake Mycoskie

Love the article, Blake. Reminds me a little of the new Nat Geo’s (Leo’s) “Before the Flood” movie. It’s a pretty incredible story but they should have used TOMS as an inspiration for how to get the story out! Create a brand/product around “I believe” or “It’s Up to Us” climate change is happening and then ask people to help spread the word (a la TOMS documentary) with the Nat Geo documentary. The brand would serve as the social proof that the movement is happening and that people can honestly make change happen. By getting people to take action — buying and wearing the product — it can help spread awareness of the issue and remind people to align their behavior with their thoughts.

This could also be a huge opportunity for TOMS that aligns directly with the mission “for one, another.” It’s future focused (tomorrow) and is directly about helping people in areas of the world that might not have the resources or ability to help themselves. By coming out with a complimentary product TOMS could help spearhead the movement!

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