The most offensive commercials of 2017 (so far)

If you’ve seen that “Kumbaya/We are the World Health Organization’s global concern” Pepsi ad with Kendall Jenner, you’ve probably realized it’s offensive for a host of reasons. And yet, it’s still not the most offensive ad of 2017!

Yes, there are more tone-deaf commericals out there than Pepsi Sales Matter ft. Kendall Jenner v2.3. I know you didn’t even think it was possible, but advertisers are the gift that keeps on giving. Here are some of the most offensive ads I’ve seen this year.

1) PSA: A Traditional Peace

A fracking PSA I saw one time* where a dozen bulldozers ride up to a group of Native American protestors blocking the work site. The bulldozers transform and do a “traditional dance”. The Native protestors are overcome with joy, resulting in a simultaneous single tear dropping from everyone’s eye. The protestors put down their signs, and move out the way. It ends with them happily fill out applications for a year-long temp position. Whew, who’s cutting onions in here?

2) The McNugget Compromise

McDonalds did a short lived ad campaign* where they gave employees the option of earning $15 an hour (aka a living wage) or earning the equivalent in McNuggets. The nugget option included a sauce stipend and health insurance (for the nuggets). All of the “employees” (read: paid actors) chose the nuggets. TBH, I would too if it included a lifetime supply of that Rick and Morty Szechuan sauce.

3) Always: Senate Approved

My grandma was watching Castle one time when this edgy Always ad* came on. An older male politician was speaking on the Senate floor, spewing obviously wrong facts about a woman’s body. Outside, a multicultural crowd of cis and transgender women are loudly protesting in branded kitten hats. Suddenly, Lena Dunham confidently steps forward from the crowd. She walks into the Capitol, past the onlooking lawmakers and right up to the senator. Lena then stuffs a maxi pad into the speaking senator’s mouth. He looks astonished, and begins to chew. He likes it! The senator changes his mind and approves Always Edible Maxi Pads for everyone! Outside, the protestors begin to cheer. The senator eats another maxi pad in his new kitten hat. He hugs Lena while she passive-aggressively tweets about him not wanting to fuck her. It was beautiful.

So tell me guys, what’s your favorite offensive commercial?

*All of these ads are fake news. But that Pepsi can fist bump? That actually happened. IRL. And was approved by like, at least five people.