Just take Statins Silly!

Statins, Americas easy cure to heart disease. Why do so many doctors across America see high cholesterol numbers and rush to perscribe you a statin? Is it for your own good, is it because they've seen some set number and it has become reflex, or is it because they have incentives from Pharmaceutical companies?

Lipitor or Crestor are some common names im sure you've heard of or you may be taking them currently.

What most dont know is that the research that sparked this statin craze and for the demonization of fats was conducted in the 1950’s by a man named Ancel Keys. Ancel keys conducted his famous Seven Countries Study that showed how buisnessmen in America had high rates of cardiovascular disease and that people overseas, in the Mediterranean area, they had the longest living people. He compared the diet over there, low animal fats and high vegetable fats, with the diet over here, high animal fats and low vegetable fats, and found that high saturated fats, which come from animals, correlated with higher coronary heart disease.

This research may have been seen as a ground breaking finding at the time, but listen people its the 21st century and science has improved. What they didnt take into account at the time was the particle size of LDL. You have your type A LDL, big and fluffy which aren't harmful, then you have your type B LDL, small and dense which are very harmful. The small and dense particles make it easy for LDL to stick to arterial walls and calcify. This leads to atherosclerosis, Americas number one killer.

Funny isnt it that Ancel Keys had the problem solved in the 1950’s yet heart disease continues to run rampant in America. Why is all this talk only about LDL anyway? Well thats because the statin that you are perscribed only work with your LDL. Tah-dah! You cant monetize something that cant be fixed without a drug. Things like your triglyceride levels or your low HDL levels. HDL are your good, necessary fats that allow life to happen.

Ancel Keys also argued that sugar is not what is to be blamed for the increase in inflammation and disease. When in fact sugar is what is killing America, but sugar is hiding behind that fancy word people love to say. Carbohydrates. Yea, carbohyrdrates lets eat 45%-65% of our daily intake in carbohydrates. This has been working great hasnt it. Can you sense the sarcasm in all this. The fact that has been way to obvious for anyone to see.

Here it is. America thought it was fancy going away from the food pyramid, and going to something called Choose MyPlate, but the damage is already done. Carbohydrates have won the battle and look where it has gotten us, NOWHERE. Thats the fact that no one is looking at because its to simple they want analytics and lab experiments when all you have to do is look at the general population. Just look.

Sure you can argue well complex carbohydrates are good, which i agree, but the pasta everyone is inhaling and the bread that is in every meal is in no way complex. Its time for American scientists and doctors to suck it up and admit that we need to change the way we move foward with nutrition.

America its time we pivot. Fats dont make us fat, carbohydrates, at a 65% of our daily diet, make us fat. There you go i said it.