Nutrition and what everyone needs to hear about it.

What the hell is going on with nutrition nowadays? With the ever expansive ocean of knowledge on nutrition, it can be daunting. And the answer is not one person can tell you.

Sure experts like nutritionists, dietitians, and naturopaths can give you what they think is the most balanced diet, but really they are just telling you what they do or tell you some generic information. Information like eat a diet consisting of 95% vegetables, don’t eat carbohydrates at all, or dairy will kill you.

Either way you can go and read 4 million articles saying their ideas of nutrition are garbage, and why you should do it this way.

Nutrition is something that each individual needs to experiment with themselves. I know this might sound scary, but Mcnuggets and Whoppers aren't getting you there.

Three easy steps that don't use the word diet that you can start following and see how you feel.

Step one: Experiment in the kitchen.

The first step you can take is to cut out fast food. Think about it, those fast food joints aren't having meetings to discuss what is most nutritional for you or me. Just quit going to fast food and start experimenting in the kitchen, even if your food is shit, you know whats in it and you can feel a sense of accomplishment that you created something for yourself.

When i first began cooking for myself i would just go to the grocery store and pick some random kind of food and cook it. Keep in mind i stayed on the outsides of the store, mainly in the produce and meat section. Heres the kicker, i cooked everything in one pan. I also cooked everything stovetop until i gained some experience. You wont be needing all those fancy tools you see on Chopped. Easy enough right?

Step two: Feed your gut.

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, said “all disease starts in the gut.” This was in 460 BC. We’ve come a long way since then in the realms of medicine and more importantly nutrition.

Every person on Earth has trillions of bacteria in their gut. Some good and some bad. These bacteria colonies make up something called your micro biome and this is 70% of your immune system. The ratio we are looking for is 85% good bacteria and 15% bad bacteria. With the invention of antibiotics and our modern habit of everything being spotless we have suppressed all of our bad bacteria but unfortunately our good bacteria is also taken out.

Try some fermented foods like kimchi, pickles, or sauerkraut. These foods have a nice sour taste and some can be spicy as well. Fermented foods have their own bacteral colonies that give your gut the diversity it needs. You can even drink some probiotics: drinks like kombucha and kefir are tasty and healthy.

Step three: Calm down.

Stress plays a huge role in nutrition. Thats why any time Sally or Joe breaks up with you, Ben and Jerrys is there to help you out. Life is stressful and when we are stressed we tend to eat. You have a million things more important than your nutrition at the moment, however, putting things into perspective none of your problems is more important than your health.

You only have one body. Thats it and what you are doing to it today determines how you feel tomorrow. Stress and nutrition go hand in hand determining how well you feel going through this wild maze we call life.

Plenty more.

I have a million other things i would like to say. I could rant and rave for hours because i feel so strong about nutrition and stress. I kept this simple enough because we need to crawl before we can walk and right now Americans are crawling.

Please just breath, smile, and eat good food. The rest will figure itself out.