Is Green Tea as amazing as it sounds?

I’ve been drinking green tea for about 3 years now. I drink it at least 5 days a week, in the morning. Some people drink coffee before, on the way, or at work. I drink green tea when I get to work. It’s become my routine. (Routines are super helpful).

I started drinking green tea when my primary care physician scared me after getting blood work done. Basically, he told me my blood sugar was high and I needed to be careful. It was also around Halloween, which meant I skipped out on taking my kids’ candy. Maybe they were glad.

Ever since then I made it part of my routine. It took some getting used to but now I crave it. I don’t necessarily mean the taste. I mean I love the warmth and the calming effect it brings. And psychologically, it triggers the routine for me. It’s an easing into work. Although, lately I’ve been drinking a glass of hot green tea at night also. So it helps me gear up in the morning and also helps me unwind. I PUT NOTHING IN THE GREEN TEA. I repeat, I put nothing in the green tea. Don’t mess with the tea. Do not add sugar, please. It defeats the whole purpose.

I’m writing this down tonight because I just read this article on medium:

The writer mentions intermittent fasting at the end (which I also do and have come to enjoy). But more importantly, and why I’m writing this, he mentions green tea. Actually, those two are connected in the writer’s article. He says that green tea helps with hunger when fasting. I didn’t know this but I believe it. I’ve been intermittent fasting for over a year now and I can see how starting the day with the green tea has helped.

Alright back to the foundation. I’m just going to link to some articles with good research. Green tea helps lower blood sugar. It’s good for diabetes. It’s good to drink with your dessert–I actually started implementing this also. I used to always have milk with dessert or sweet things. Now I drink hot green tea to help level out the sugar in whatever I’m eating.

My blood levels have improved in case you’re wondering. I don’t plan on stopping. I also make sure to pack some tea bags when I travel. I can usually find some hot water wherever I go. Worst case is when I have to heat my own water in a cup in a microwave. I do this at home anyway, so it doesn’t bother me. I drop in the tea bag and just leave it. I don’t time the steeping or anything. I leave the bag in the entire time I’m drinking it. Makes no difference to me.

Green Tea Lowers the Blood Sugar Level

The Effects of Green Tea on Obesity

Green Tea and Type 2 Diabetes

Honestly, I can’t find the research that I originally read. I liked it better but these are solid also. The original one I read also mentioned how milk negated the positive effects in their study. That is, if someone drank milk with their green tea or right before or after then the green tea did not lower blood sugar. That’s something to keep in mind. And if I find that one I’ll post it here.