Mini GMAT or GMAC Executive Assessment Test — II

Length of test:

GMAT test takers have been complaining since years about the long duration of the test that is at times torturous to test taker. GMAC Executive Assessment has taken care of this problem. GMAC Executive Assessment is shorter than GMAT, valuing the time spend not only for preparation but also on final test day.

Let’s observe GMAC Executive Assessment content further GMAC Executive Assessment is delivered on-demand around the globe. Like GMAT, the unofficial score will be given after completion of test, and the official will be followed. The official score will be valid till five years. Unlike GMAT, the on screen calculator for quant section will not be available. The tested questions are similar to GMAT questions but can be easier to comprehend as the base to these questions can be related to business and not always sciences.

Test bookings and cancellations:

GMAC Executive Assessment allows you to book the test 24 hours prior the test date. However, no matter when you book you will pay extra to book for GMAC Executive Assessment than GMAT. While GMAT fee is $250, GMAC Executive Assessment is $350. The extra fee does take care of many factors such as rescheduling, or additional score reports. There is no extra charge to reschedule GMAC Executive Assessment or order additional reports. If you had a bad test day, and now you want to retake the test just the next day, GMAC Executive Assessment make this possible unlike GMAT. However, you are allowed to repeat the test only once.

After you have known so much now, I am sure the question troubling you is about the test acceptance. Do not worry. We at Brighter prep do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to sharing all we know.

Acceptance of GMAC Executive Assessment:

Being a new product, the acceptance of GMAC Executive Assessment is yet limited to six universities. (Certainly the good ones) London Business School (United Kingdom), INSEAD (France), the University of Hong Kong, CEIBS (China), University of Chicago (Illinois, USA) and the Columbia University (New York, USA) Now, there you have a big question for us about preparation. As mentioned earlier, brighter prep makes all efforts to make students comfortable with all doubts.

Preparation for GMAC Executive Assessment:

As yet GMAC Executive Assessment has not declared the official material. However since we are aware that the GMAT pattern is kept intact, we still can help the applicants with specialized sessions for GMAC Executive Assessment.

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