Mama Ocean speaks

just ahead of the surreal US Pres inauguration

Today (originally published 1/20/2017) I walked along the beach–my place for solace and calm, for feeling refreshed and recharged, for hearing what Mama Ocean wishes to tell me: the same coastline I walked the week my mother died.

Here I am on the beach–the tip of Sandy Hook NJ where I can see the Manhattan and Brooklyn skylines, the Verazzano Bridge, the sand and water. I’m beachcombing in 40 degree weather, seeing what Mama Ocean will show me, feeling the salty air filling my lungs, touching my skin.

The first thing I pick up is this sea-eroded bone, likely cow. Look at the beauty created by sea and sand, surf and flow, the way She composts us when we leave our bodies behind. When Mama Ocean gives me bones I know the Ancestors are near. I am happy for that. Be our allies, I ask. Be our allies in turning the tide, changing our world.

The next thing Mama Ocean shows me: a message to a loved one who has passed on, sending love and more love to Barbara. A message enclosed in a plastic food container, washed up on the beach. Another nod to the other realm.

Yes, the Ancestors are near.

I give the message to Mama Ocean with blessings, and add the plastic to my trashpicking bag to recycle.

This day, tagged as #WeStandUnited, just ahead of #J20, I am beachcombing (and trashpicking), thinking of all my friends who will be on the streets through the weekend in NYC, Philly, Oakland, DC, Burlington, Lancaster and so many other places around the US. Thinking of the threats to justice, to the planet, to our lives that are on the doorstep, the 60’s song Eve of Destruction running through my head. I stop. I say No! The people are rising, the tide is turning, we are creating a just, sustainable, regenerating world now! So it will be!

Originally published at on January 20, 2017. And just as relevant today.

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