Knowing When It’s Time To Walk Away: Closing The Doors For The Last Time
Carlos Saba

What a brilliant article.

I really commend you guys on the decision you’ve made. It’s clearly the right one for the vision you have. It can be really hard to make such calls when your idea begins to grow in the eyes of others as well as yourself — but ultimately if something you're doing isn’t serving the purpose your project exists to serve, or is getting in the way of it, it’s time for honest conversations and thinking. It’s clear that you’ve gone through this process.

Thank you for sharing your story of that process — it’s one that needs to be told, so others can read, understand and grow in the idea of knowing when is the right time to walk away; and the positive change and clarity that comes with that.

It will be very exciting to see all the projects and events that come next!

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