Top 10 Malaysian and Indonesian Dishes that You Should Not Miss!

Bali Brasserie
Oct 10 · 4 min read

You will agree that visiting a new city in itself is exciting, especially if you are visiting to enjoy your vacations. But, the problem which most people face during their visit to a new place is finding the food of their taste, more importantly, if they are from another continent, say for instance from Asian to the European continent. Because the food preferred by the people of the Asian continent is quite different from the food of people in the European continent. But, interestingly, as most of the countries in the European continent have dominated the Asian countries in the past, the impact of their cuisines can be seen in each other’s cuisines and cultures. As an impact of this the dishes that are preferred by the people of the Asian countries are equally liked by the people of the European region. Below, are the top ten dishes from the Malaysian and Indonesian cuisines which have made the residents of the United Kingdom crazy towards their taste. Some of these dishes are referred below:

  1. Satay from Indonesia: It is one of the famous street foods in Indonesian, which is not only nutritious and delicious but also less oily. Satay consists of small pieces of meat that are baked over the coal and served with rice cakes (ketupat) followed by the peanut sauce sprayed above the satay.
Satay from Indonesia

2. Fried Rice: The name of fried rice does not need any introduction to introduce itself. Although, the food is commonly cooked and liked by the people of all the continents across the world, the taste, and addiction that is inherited in the fried rice of Indonesia, cannot be expressed in words. Apart, from the mixture of veggies, beef, chicken, seafood, the ingredient that plays an important role in boosting the taste of the dish is the presence of soy sauce also known as keycap, developed by the combination of cucumber and carrots, used for cooking the rice.

Fried Rice

3. Siomay: It is also one of the famous street foods that contain the dumplings of the steamed fish along with cabbage, egg, steamed potato, served with peanut sauce.


4. Nasi Uduk: This can be regarded as the Indonesian version of Malaysian food, Nasi Lemak. The major ingredient used for cooking this dish is rice, which is served with the options of soybean cake, fried onion, fried chicken, shredded omelet, etc.

Nasi Uduk

5. Sweet Martabak: If you are looking for dessert from the Indonesian kitchen, then Sweet Martabak is there to satisfy your need for eating sweets. It is an Indonesian version of the pancake, that contains a mixture of peanuts, chocolate, and cheese.

Sweet Martabak

6. Roti John: Named after an unknown person John, the dish consists of the slim bread stuffed with grilled minced meat and egg in the middle and then served with chili sauce.

Roti John

7. Nasi Kandar: The plate of rice served with an option of curry, okra, egg or fish according to your preference. It is a Muslim dish but equally liked by the people of the European continent.

Nasi Kandar

8. Roti Jala or net bread: As the name suggests, it is the bread that looks like a net, developed by zigzagging lines and flour, which is finally folded in a crepe shape and then served with chicken curry.

Roti Jala or Net Bread

9. Lemang: It is glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk over the bamboo. Although, the process of cooking this dish is quite lengthy, interestingly, its taste lets you forget the time consumed in cooking after you start eating with meat or vegetable of your choice.


10. Otak-Otak: The paste of fish developed by the combination of spices and diced onions, wrapped in a banana leaf and baked over charcoal until it turns pink with charred leaves.


Besides, the above-mentioned dishes, there is a huge variety of Malaysian and Indonesian dishes that can be found in restaurants located across the United Kingdom.

Bali Brasserie

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