Court Day Feb. 12, 2017
Today, I go to the court when the Court asks me about summons order, so the summons forms that I have paid the cost let’s send the court summons to all defendants. However, the office of court did not send these summons to defendants. Instead, the office of court should give me these summons, so I would request the defendants ought to sign on the summons form and I would to report to the Court. Or I request to intermediate of legal office sends summons court to defendants. But the office of court did not give it to me when I received my payment.
5. YOUR NAME: Bright Quang
11. NAME OF PLAINTIFF (S) Bright Quang ) Case No: CIV: 538988
12. Plaintiff(s), ) case management conference
13. Vs.
 ) TIME: 9:00 AM
15. MR. Henry Kissinger, Mrs. Barbara Schmidt, ) DEPT: Court 25
 Mrs. Jackie Chahal ) Judge: Steven Dying 
16. ) DEPT: 21
 Defendant(s) ) Action Filed: June 7, 2016
17. ) Trial Date: October7, 2016
18. )
19. )
20. )
21. The petitioner would like to base on this 1 US code § 112aʽ1ʼin January 1, 1950, in which the
22. secretary of state of the United States of America must have duty to declare all of the United 
23. States of America treaties and others International agreements — as the government of the United
24. States of America should be compiled them. Therefore, all of the United States treaties and 
25. International agreements have belongs to the Vietnam War or so — called Foreign Assistance Acts 
26. of the United States of America are high values of the United States Statutes — and then, Secretary 
27. of state of the United States of America must enforce them in order to protect for super values of 
28. the American justice, democracy, and freedom. Therefore, the petitioner has quotes, “Perform 
(1) The Secretary of State shall cause to be compiled, edited, indexed, and published, beginning as of January 1, 1950, a compilation entitled “United States Treaties and Other International Agreements,” which shall contain all treaties to which the United States is a party that have been proclaimed during each calendar year…
29. justice is peaceful, but anti — justice as demagogue.” Whoever lives in a modern or backward 
30. nation? But did not enforce any laws with who is bad American citizen. Because Foreign 
31. Assistance Acts of the government of the United States of America has enforced agreement
32. with Republic of Vietnam in December 23, 1950, but why did the Kissinger not enforce the Paris Peace 33. Accords during he has signed it?
34. 42 U.S. Code § 1981-November 21, 1991 ʽ2ʼ- Equal rights under the law that’s the best of the 
35. petitioner is an American citizen. The petitioner would like to base on this statute in order to fight for
36. the American justice when the petitioner has quotes, “Distort justice is national traitor.” Therefore,
37. whoever has distorted the American justice, with who should be prosecuted by the United States
38. Statutes in order to protect for super values of the American justice, the petitioner would be prosecuted
39. Mr. Henry Kissinger, Mrs. Barbara Schmidt and Mrs. Jackie Chahal because they take advantage of 
40. their powerful lets them trample down the weak and backward guy like this petitioner. Therefore, 
41, erudition of Henry Kissinger is limited, but his ambition is limitless when he has barbarously been 
42. playing war game. He has destroyed life of the petitioner and his family and his properties, but he did
43. not compensate any pennies to the petitioner’s injury. The Petitioner was imprisoning from April 30,
44. 1975 to November 23, 1993 by the barbarian of Mr. Kissinger who could wrongfully perform statutes
(2) All persons within the jurisdiction of the United States shall have the same right in every State and Territory to make and enforce contracts, to sue, be parties, give evidence, and to the full and equal benefit of all laws and proceedings for the security of persons and property as is enjoyed by white citizens, and shall be subject to like punishment, pains, penalties, taxes, licenses, and exactions of every kind, and to no other.
 — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -
45. of the America because the petitioner was lieutenant police of Republic of Vietnam. When the statutes
46. of the government of the United States of America are anti ‒ everyone who is violated by the
47. American laws, the Vietnamese citizens of Republic of Vietnam, no crime to the American people
48. and the government of the United States of America and no terrorizes, he has been performed Foreign 49. Assistance Act of 1963 and others treaties when he did not have any crimes and terrorizes what with his 50. Vietnamese people ‒ his fatherland. The petitioner is the best partnership of the American people and 51. the United States of America.
52. The petitioner would prove to 1 US code § 112b — 1950ʽ3ʼ Public law 92–403 — Approved AUG 22, 
53. 1972, During the Vietnam War is on October 1973, the Kissinger could not become to Secretary of 
54. State, but he was National Security Adviser. When the Kissinger was leading for the Paris Peace
55. Conference, he, then, is become to the 56th Secretary of State. However, the Kissinger did not perform
56. his duty and responsibility perfectly. During the Paris Peace Accords was completely signed by the 
57. sides, he did not transmit the text of Paris peace Accords to the United States Congress and Constitution
58. in order to approve to this agreement. Lets the Paris Peace Accords have no values by the Kissinger.
(3) The Secretary of State shall transmit to the Congress the text of any international agreement (including the text of any oral international agreement, which agreement shall be reduced to writing), other than a treaty, to which the United States is a party as soon as practicable after such agreement has entered into force with respect to the United States but in no event later than sixty days thereafter. However, any such agreement the immediate public disclosure of which would,
 — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 
59. The petitioner would prove to 1 U.S. Code 113–1947 ʽ4ʼ that is clearly evidence, in which the 
60. Kissinger did not complete to his duty and responsibility for the Paris Peace Accords signed — Jan
61. 27, 1973. For secretary of state should be edited the Paris Peace Accords by Little and Brown, 
62. but the Kissinger did not do that — and therefore, the Paris Peace Accords could not value in all of the 63. Courts of the United States of America. 
64. The petitioner would be proved to Foreign Assistance Act of 1963 to be H.R. 5490 ʽ5ʼ, 
65. April 23, 24, 25 and 29, 1963 that would prove to the best of the heart of the American people. The 
66. United States of America must available help for the backward of the Vietnamese people and the
67. petitioner that we ought to obey the helps of the American people. Let’s fight to anti — communism, 
68. which did not only destroy the democracy, the justice and freedom of the Vietnamese people but
69. also be barbarous kill so much innocent Vietnamese to exchange that we welcome to the American
 (4) The edition of the laws and treaties of the United States, published by Little and Brown, and the publications in slip or 
Pamphlet form of the laws of the United States issued under the authority of the Archivist of the United States, and the Treaties and Other International Acts Series issued under the authority of the Secretary.
(5) Hearing, before the Committee on Foreign Affairs House of Representatives, the term of the Eighty — eight Congress, so Senator of the United States of America who is Mansfield has had a question 3 ‒ Even so good a friend of Vietnam as Senator Mansfield recently reaffirmed his respect for you, while complaining against “authoritarian rule.” How do you interpret the Senator’s remarks? Answer ‒ I have already dealt with the problem of democracy underdevelopment which not only Vietnam but all the underdeveloped countries have to face, and with different ways in which these countries have sought to solve this historic problem during the last 20 years. I have said how South Vietnam, while fighting a war and carrying out a revolution, endeavors for its part to reduce this fundamental contradiction between liberty and a forced march forward (U.S. News & World Report of Feb. 18, 1963).
70. freedom and the American Human Rights. However, this America Act did not put on view to betray to 71. some of Vietnamese leaders. Therefore, the United States Congress was spending for more days; let’s 72. seek a good method to support for the South Vietnam. Lets the Vietnamese people should delete their 73. backward and communism. As a result, the Southern and the petitioner were sold off to communist foe 74. by the Kissinger. No Republic of Vietnam and no petitioner shall be put imprison of the petitioner after 75. the United. States Citizens returning to their homeland in safety. 
76. The petitioner would like to provide to H.R. 7885ʽ6ʼ approved December 16, 1963, 11: am. Public 
77. Law-205, 88th Congress, H.R. 7885, December 16, 1963- Repeal 75 Stat.424 to be 22U.S code 2151- 
78. 1961. As a result of this is enacted by the government of the United States of America that no American 79. leaders are from highest of ranks to lowest of the ranks shall not obey, not distort, and not enforce to
80. this statute because this statute did not only archive in the American Court system but also have 
81. Supreme Court and Department of Justice are archived it. Especially, this American law shall not 
82. allow whoever that he or she murders and imprisoned for any leaders, officers, and soldiers of Republic 83. of Vietnam since they are together partnerships each other. For the Kissinger did not only distort it but 84. also betray best of American alliance of Republic of Vietnam. When the Kissinger sold off it to 
85. communism, he has destroyed this Act of the United States of America,
(6) No department, agency, officer, or employee of the United States shall, under authority of this Act, exercise any direction, supervision, or control over, or impose any requirements or conditions with respect to, the personnel, curriculum, methods of instruction, or administration of any educational institution. Approved December 16, 1963, 11 am,
86. States of America. The petitioner would like to provide this 1 U.S. Code § 112ʽ7ʼ — July 30, 1947
87. Statutes at large; contents; admissibility in evidence because all of the greatest values of the American
88. Justice, democracy, freedom, and Human Rights are contained by this law. For these Archivists of our
89. American leaders that our President Nixon’ and President Kennedy’s tapes and secretary of state 
90. Kissinger tape, they are secretly discussing for the Vietnam War. As a result of Foreign Assistance Acts 91. of the government of the United States of America shall not be contained any statutes that will be 
92. allowed any American Presidents that are authorized murdering and threatening to any foreign leaders
93. by the United States Statutes as like President Ngo Dinh Diem was assassinated by President Kennedy. 94. When they are together eating an holly cake, together drinking holy water, and together adoring one 
(7)A. On one tape recorded November 4, 1963, Kennedy dictates a memo seeming to regret the assassination of South Vietnam’s President Ngo Dinh Diem, following a coup Kennedy endorsed.
Only weeks before his own assassination Kennedy recorded, “I feel that we must bear a good deal of responsibility, in part beginning with our cable of early August, in which we suggested the coup, period. In my judgment that wire was badly drafted, comma, it should never have been sent on a Saturday.”
B. The dictation continues until Kennedy was interrupted by his son John Kennedy Jr. Kennedy asks his son, “Why do the leaves fall? And why does the snow come on the ground? Why do the leaves turn green?”
President Richard Nixon warns South Vietnamese President Nguyen Van Thieu in a private letter that his refusal to sign any negotiated peace agreement would render it impossible for the United States to continue assistance to South Vietnam. Nixon’s National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger had been working behind the scenes in secret negotiations with North Vietnamese representatives in Paris to reach a settlement to end the war.
C. Kissinger: “Vietnam failures we did to ourselves,” and “mistakes were made” by America in Vietnam War, but said he had no regrets about his actions.
95. God, they were owned sovereignty. In the end it did not only perform any statutes of the United 
96. States of America but also destroy off all life, all properties and all sacred values of the petitioner to the 97. foe of the United States of America and Republic of Vietnam. They’d been persuaded the petitioner to 98. fight anti-communism. For the petitioner is the same as Native Americans, he does not only enjoy sex 99. but also invest for young mindset, arts and books — economics, enrichment, but also respect the sublime 100. justice, democracy and freedom which is why the Kissinger has imprisoned the petitioner and since
101. destroyed the super life of the petitioner. When the American conduct did not allow to Mrs. Kissinger
102. doing that, he is unlawful leader.
103. The petitioner would like to provide this humanity’s law 75 U.N.T.S. 135 ʽ8ʼ — Oct. 21. 1950, 
104. which statute was approved by the government of the United States of America having taken a 
105. part of humanity’s law. But, according to the Vietnam War that’s the government of the United States 106. of America was enacted law in itself to occupy a nation of the petitioner, to persuade all of the 
107. Southern people fighting for anti — communism. For the Kissinger did not only give to the South 
108. Vietnam that must win the foe but also betray the government of the United States of America and 
109. Republic of Vietnam. As we, no human beings, shall be born the children, let their children service for 110. war game without have any benefits and compensation any pennies as like the petitioner when 
(8) Article 4:A. Prisoners of war, in the sense of the present Convention, are persons belonging to one of the following categories, 
111. he Serviced War Power of the America.
112. The petitioner would like to provide to Chapter 11 — Equal protection of Law -1868 ʽ9ʼ because we, the 113. American citizens are equal protection of the law. Let’s protect great equal legal rights without fear.
114. Because the petitioner is the best of American citizen, the duty and responsibility of the petitioner must 115. be protected by super values of the American justice, democracy, and freedom. But, the petitioner has 116. realized, it takes of advantage of some American authorities and powers; let them trample the great 117. values of the America and the petitioner down. The petitioner has quotes, “The great hope of America 118. society is individual character. Therefore, my life is not to be a brick, which lies under dirty mud. 
119. Instead, I see my life as a brick, which supports the building of the American democracy.” Because the 120. weak ought to obey the United States Statutes and Constitution, the American powerful has walked on 121. them as like the Kissinger. He did not only terrorize the petitioner but also sell all values of him to 
122. foe’s communism.
(9) The Fourteenth Amendment addresses many aspects of citizenship and the rights of citizens. The most commonly used — and frequently litigated — phrase in the amendment is “equal protection of the laws”, which figures prominently in a wide variety of landmark cases, including Brown v. Board of Education (racial discrimination), Roe v. Wade (reproductive rights), Bush v. Gore (election recounts), Reed v. Reed (gender discrimination), and University of California v. Bakke (racial quotas in education). See more…
123. The petitioner would like to provide to 22. U.S. Code § 2151n ʽ10ʼ or so-called is the Foreign 
124. Assistance Act of 1961, in which, the Kissinger does not only be famous lawyer but also is secretary
125. of state of the United States of America. For he has understood about this Statute of the United States
126. of America, but he has never enforced correctly to this rule. According to Human Rights of the 
127. government of the United States of America that no any public employees and no American
128. leaders that shall be authorized for murdering, imprisoning, and selling off any allies and properties
129. which are of the United States of America to communism by this Foreign Human Rights Act, but Mr. 130. Kissinger did not only indirectly attend to assassinate President Ngo Dinh Diem of Republic of 
131. Vietnam; and then, the Kissinger was sold off Republic of Vietnam to communism; during he 
132. betrayed all of public employees of the Republic of Vietnam; the Kissinger did not enforce any 
133. laws of the International War laws and Human Rights of the United States of America. As a result, no l34. laws of the United States of America shall be killed whatever foreign alliance of the United States of 135. America because the great values of the American justice, democracy, freedom, and Human Rights
(10) (b) Human Rights Report. — The Secretary of State shall also transmit the report required by section116 (d) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 to the Committees on appropriations each year by the date specified in that section_ provided, that each such report submitted pursuant to such section shall (1) include a review of each country’s commitment to children’s rights and welfare as called for by the Declaration of the World Summit for children; (2) a description of the military expenditures of each country receiving United States foreign assistance , and the efforts each country is making to reduce those expenditures; and (3) describe the extent to which indigenous people are able to participate in decisions affecting their lands, cultures, traditions and allocation of natural resources, and assess the extent of protection of their civil and political rights
136. must be represented by an American emperor. The outcome of the Kissinger’s war game is exchanged 137. those super valued America to injury of the children, the wife, and properties of the petitioner that are 138. nothing because the Kissinger would be destroyed the landscapes of Vietnamese traditional family that 139. were broken up, lost patriotic ideologies of young mindset’s, and imprisoned life — unlearned men to 140. the life of petitioner without have civilization life that looked like Native Americans. 
141. The petitioner would like to base on Text from TIAS 7542 (24 UST 4–23) Jan, 17.1973ʽ11ʼ that’s so 142. called is an Agreement on Ending the War and Restoring Peace in Vietnam, signed in Paris and 
143. entered into force January17, 1973. The petitioner would realize to face of America emperor having
144. been built up the Vietnam War for no longer within twenty years. Since, the government of the United 145. States of America would solemnly sign to restore peace within 23 Article, which has contained 9 
146. chapter, but no Articles and no chapter shall be imprisoned to the petitioner, be deleted the South 147.Vietnam and be sold off them to foe’s communism, the Kissinger has done it. So the Kissinger’s 
148. forgotten to face of the America, he has betrayed the petitioner, did not compensate any pennies, and 149. but, left the petitioner on the battlefield had no regrets for him.
(11) The Parties participating in the Paris Conference on Viet-Nam, With a view to ending the war and restoring peace in Viet-Nam on the basis of respect for the Vietnamese people’s fundamental national rights and the South Vietnamese people’s right to self-determination, and to contributing to the consolidation of peace in Asia and the world, Have agreed on the following provisions and undertake to respect and to implement them:
150. The petitioner would like to provide to S.484 ʽ12ʼ to be Public law 106–484 Bring Them Home 
151. Alive Act 2000, November 9, 2000, in which the government of the United States of America is 
152. solemnly approved to the petitioner with who is an American citizen or so — called paid soldier of the 153. government of the United States of America. As a result, the petitioner could be granted adequately 154. benefits of the Vietnam War by the United States Statutes and Constitution. However, the Kissinger 
155. could not enforce whole statutes of the United States of America when he has squeezed a lemon dry, 156. thrown skin out. The petitioner was left on the battlefield of Vietnam War by cold-blooded Kissinger 157. because no laws of the government of the United States of America shall be allowed to Kissinger.
158. It has approved this statute to the petitioner for returning his mother home’s of the American. The 
159. Kissinger hasn’t help for the petitioner getting enough benefit imprisoned and veterans insurances. Mr. 160. Kissinger has had used the petitioner for the war power of the America easily, but the 
161. compensation of the Kissinger is fallen by his deceives. For Mr. Kissinger is not only wisdom and 
162. modern more than the petitioner but also have modern weapons and war-airplanes. Let him brainwash 163. petitioner’s backward and weak guy. The petitioner could not dare struggle for the American Justice. 164. It would bring them home in order to enslaver for the American civilization society. 
165. Bring Them Home Act has orders to the petitioner that he is paid for airplane tickets of seven men.
(12) To provide for the granting of refugee status in the United States to nationals of certain foreign countries in which American Vietnam War POW/MIAs or American Korean War POW/MIAs may be present, if those nationals assist in the return to the United States of those POW/MIAs alive.
62413- Federal Register Vol.78, no.203 Monday, October 21, 2013
The private documents of the petitioner would like to be citation Part A 
166. The petitioner would like to provide to S.2040 U.S codeʻ13ʻ approved by May1, 2016 — Public law No: 167. 114–222 09/28/2016. When the Kissinger has fooled in trap of the government of the United 
168. States of America to the petitioner with who is unlearned guy, he did not know about to the American 169. laws, justice and constitution. Lets the Kissinger takes advantage of the American dollar and modern 170. weapons in order to brainwash him when Kissinger has protected to core of interests of the America. 171. In the meantime, the unfortunate of the petitioner should be unable to hire any American lawyers for 172. helping him as the American laws look like a sharp knife that are available to kill immigration’s 173.guy.After Mr. Kissinger is terrorized the petitioner by the America’s power, he has destroyed all of 
174. human dignity values of the petitioner. Mr. Kissinger did not only sponsor communism in order to 
175. imprison petitioner but also torture the petitioner again. Why did Mr. Kissinger distort Statutes of the 
176. United States of America in the Vietnam War when no laws punished him? Because no 
177. America’s Statutes, no international conferences, and no America’s Constitution shall allow Mr. 
178. Kissinger distorted foreign Assistance Acts of the Vietnam War lets him terrorize the petitioner — 
179. during the Kissinger and the petitioner is different sovereignty and citizenship, but they are together 
(13) S.2040 — Justice against Sponsors of Terrorism Act114th Congress (2015–2016) | Get alerts…. (1) The table of sections for chapter 97 of title 28, United States Code, … A court of the United States may stay a proceeding against a foreign state if …Specifically, it authorizes federal court jurisdiction over a civil claim against a foreign state for physical injury to a person or property or death that occurs inside the United States as a result of: (1) an act of international terrorism, and (2) a tort committed anywhere by an official, agent, or employee of a foreign state acting within the scope of employment. International terrorism does not include an act of war. Federal court jurisdiction does not extend to a tort claim based on an omission or an act that is merely negligent.
180. partnerships in order to together fight anti- communism.
181. The petitioner has provided Presidential documents, vol.9 (1973), PP.64–70) ʽ14ʼ (Excerpts) 
182. Mr. Kissinger has solemnly signed this agreement and confirmed, but he will not be sold off
183. Republic of Vietnam to our foe of communism, he will not be exchanged the petitioner with who
184. shall be imprisoned by our foe of communism, and not rob the wife, the children, and properties of
185. the petitioner donating them to communism. Because the sovereignty and citizenship of the petitioner
186. were been not only approved by the government of the United States of America but also were 
187. acknowledged by the Paris Peace Accords which is why Mr. Kissinger was betrayed the United 
188. States Statutes and Constitution by himself?. During, the petitioner has never violated — terrorized to 189. American sovereignty and American people, but Mr. Kissinger has destroyed all of dreams of the 
190. petitioner. The young Americans are freely going to schools in order to study, but the children of 
191. petitioner have never had foodstuff in livelihood. Yet, the American people invest sciences, high — 
192. technologies, and develop modern society, but the petitioner was imprisoned by the Kissinger. For the 193. petitioner is to be enslaver for Mr. Kissinger.
(14) This file contains selected documents regarding the signing of the “Paris Peace Accord” to end the hostilities in South Vietnam.194. The petitioner would like to provide evidence’s 22 U.S code §2451.Sept.21, 1961ʽ15ʼ, which is 
195. Public law 87–256, 206. § 101, approved Sept. 20, 1961, 11:55 a.m. 75 Stat. 527. Because, the Kissinger 196. has distorted enactment, he has exchanged the great traditional morality policy of the United States of 197. America to terrorize. No country, no law, and no America’s Justice — no human beings of the world 
198. shall be forced the petitioner’s friendship of the America to be the Americans’ foe. Mr. Kissinger has
199. got the petitioner’ life in order to make human trafficking trader with communism, no Statutes of the 200. America shall be allowed Kissinger. He has taken the petitioner’s transferring to communism 
201. with who was to be Prisoner of war. If Mr. Kissinger would correctly perform this rule, he is thanked 
202. by the petitioner. Otherwise, Mr. Kissinger got morality America to exchange tortures policy. The
203. barbarous torment of Kissinger and communism made the petitioner who was deaf leaf ear in jail .
204. The petitioner would like to provide 28 US code § 533>Sept. 6, 1966 ʻ16ʼ. To follow this statute that 
205 Mr. Kissinger, Mrs. Schmidt, and Mrs. Jackie are anti — conduct of the United States of America. They
206. have defamed to the petitioner, but they’ve not dared come to the American Court in October 7,2016.
ʽ15ʼ The purpose of this chapter is to enable the Government of the United States to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries by means of educational and cultural exchange; to strengthen the ties which unite us with other nations by demonstrating the educational and cultural interests, developments, and achievements of the people of the United States and other nations…
(16)This section does not limit the authority of departments and agencies to investigate crimes against the United States when investigative jurisdiction has been assigned by law to such departments and agencies.
207. The petitioner would like to provide to 18 US code § 2381. June 25, 1948.ʻ17ʼ.Mr. Kissinger
208. has treason because he did not enforce any statutes of the Vietnam War when Mr. Kissinger has 209. adheres to our enemies who is communism. Our laws have been declared to fight anti– 
210. Communism, but Mr. Kissinger has sold the petitioner to communism in order to receive the 
211. Nobel Peace Prizes when he did not keep his oath loyalty the America Constitution.
212. The petitioner would like to base on 42 U.S Code § 2000aJuly 2, 1964 ʻ18ʼbecause they have 
213 discriminated with the petitioner; Mr. Kissinger used his War Power in order to fool and to 
214. imprison the petitioner. Yet Mrs. Schmidt, Mrs. Jackie was insulting for the petitioner.
215. The petitioner would like to base on 28 U.S. Code § 4101ʻ19ʻ — Aug. 10, 2010 for the petitioner
216. does not only have a best of American citizen but also is excellent Vietnamese American artist,
217. sculptor and writer, but why Mr. Kissinger did insulted him traitor; Mrs. Schmidt and Mrs. 
218. Jackie has put a label of mental case on his head in order to destroy his life because they used 219. California traffic code: 13953, 14103 and 14105 ʻ20ʼ when the petitioner has never violated to 220. those code.
 (17)Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death,
(18) All persons shall be entitled to the full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, and accommodations of any place of public accommodation, as defined in this section, without discrimination or segregation on the ground of race, color, religion, or national origin.
(19) The term “defamation” means any action or other proceeding for defamation, libel, slander, or similar claim alleging that forms of speech are false, have caused .
(20) Mr. Schmidt and Mrs. Jackie have defamed, libeled, and slandered in 1/8/2010
221. The petitioner would like to provide evidence’s 22 U.S code 7108, October 28, 2000 ʻ21ʼ because Mr. 
222. Kissinger has used the body of the petitioner in order to human trafficker. In fact, he has taken 223.advantage of War Power of the United States America, invaded to backward nation, and fooled the 224.weak petitioner. The Kissinger was torn the Paris Peace Accords in order to human trafficker with 225.communism because Mr. Kissinger has quoted. “America has no permanent friend and enemy, but 
226. interests.” Therefore, he first persuaded to the petitioner must fight anti-communism; and then he 
227. fooled him. Kissinger sold all of human values of the petitioner to communism after twenty years have 228. gone by he’s taken the petitioner to exchange diplomatic relations with communist.
229. The petitioner provides to California Civil Code §§ 44, 45a, and 46 approved 1996ʻ22.ʼThey have 230.destroyed to his special properties. For the petitioner was been fooled by anti- communism when War 231. Power has killed his father and robbed all of the petitioner’s properties. The petitioner is become to 232.enslave in his mother country of America; he is defamed by the few of American people. For example, 233. the petitioner has never had mental case because his family doctors have been confirmed him have 
234. good health. But, they always defamed, libeled, and slandered him. In fact, President Bush’s son and 235. Mr. Oreille were insulted and said, “The South Vietnam didn’t fight for their freedom, which is why 236. they did not have it today.”
(21) The President may exercise the authorities set forth in section 1702 of title 50 without regard to section 1701 of title 50 in the case of any of the following persons:
(22) The term “defamation” means any action or other proceeding for defamation, libel, slander, or similar claim alleging that forms of speech are false, have caused damage to reputation or emotional distress, have presented any person in a false light, or have resulted in criticism, dishonor, or condemnation of any person.
237 The petitioner would like to provide to 17 U.S Code §§17, 201, 407, 410, 705, 1003, and1004. 
238. 1998 ʻ23ʼ because they have destroyed all of human dignity, intellectual properties, and economic 
239. dream of the petitioner. The inhuman of them wishes borrow the police’s hands in order to kill him 240. because from those days of them put a mental case label on his head, the petitioner did not dare 
241. organize any book-signing and art-exhibiting anywhere. He always worries about to police that they 242. may kill him during he, at least, could not dare relative to any neighbors because he did worried about 243. neighbors calling to police that they could come to kill him. For we understood about mental case guy 244. that it is very dangerous to our social safety; therefore, the life of petitioner is very suffering 
245. when he has been enduring so much lost dream.
246. The petitioner would like to provide to 44 US Code §3507 ʻ24ʼ — 1995 that the Kissinger is super wise 247. more than the petitioner. Because Mr. Kissinger has seized all of the property of the petitioner, he 
248. donated to communism and imprisoned him. But the petitioner was retired; the Kissinger did not 
249. request the government of the America that it should be plus the time of prisoner of war.
(23) Copyrights: TX 6–404–116, TX 6–377–842, and TX 7–780–619
(24) Public information collection activities; submission to director; approval delegation
250. To follow 5 CFR Part 537ʽ25ʼ REPAYMENT OF STUDENT LOANS that the petitioner must 251. repay student loan because he has loaned $12,763.00 during he was studying at California 
252. States University for four years, the rate increased to $48,525.89. They did not only destroy his 253. wonderful life but also delete to his human dignity of intellectual property again, which 
254. involves to his properties and human dignity. To prove, his intellectual properties did not sell 255. the more; even though, he has been advertizing all of the international websites, but his works 256. were not best sell. If the petitioner did not have injured four years of withdrawn driver — license 257. without reason and they have destroyed all of values of his life. Especially, they have borrowed 
258. the hands of the American police in order to kill him because he was mental case. 
259. the petitioner would to provide to First Amendment ʽ26ʼ of the United States Constitution 
260. because they have been officers for the government of the United States of America, but they 261. were violated to the United States Statutes and Constitution during they do correctly not enforce 
262. any statutes of the United States of America. Significantly, the Petitioner would use this First 263. Amendment Constitution because the mastermind of the Vietnam War of the government of
(25) Direct student loan bill
(26) The First Amendment guarantees freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition. It forbids Congress from both promoting one religion over others and also restricting an individual’s religious practices. It guarantees freedom of expression by prohibiting Congress from restricting the press or the rights of individuals to speak freely. It also guarantees the right of citizens to assemble peaceably and to petition their government.
264. the United States of America of destroyed life of the petitioner is Henry Kissinger and his boss 265. because the Kissinger has acknowledged himself when he declared, “ Vietnam Failures `We 266. Did to Ourselves’” and his self- decision — self — accepted war crime, and he, then, said,
 267.“Vietnam failures we did to ourselves,” and “mistakes were made” by America in Vietnam War, 268. but said he had no regrets about his actions.. Therefore, according to the United States Statutes 269. that whoever has been building the evil crimes, he or she has self — declared accepting evil 270. crimes in himself or herself that is as important as for the legal of the United States of America 271. because no one compels him or her acknowledges crimes by the tortures or oppress him or her. 272. So the Kissinger is self — acknowledged war crime of the Vietnam War; and since, 
273. the government of the United States of America has been enacted for many laws of the Vietnam 274. War — and therefore, the compensation of the Vietnam War is belongs to the government of the 275. United States of America without refusal compensated, It is self against to the super and super 276. values morality of the united States of America. For the petitioner has quoted “ distort justice is 277. national traitor.” In the meantime, the petitioner is the same as other American citizens. He has 278. taken an oath loyalty, which is the same as everyone, he lives together the America. He takes 279. an oath patriot together the America Statutes and Constitution, but they are authorized sat on 280.the United States Statutes without prosecute during they seized the honest property, killed the 281.father of the petitioner, and imprisoned the petitioner, but did not compensate any pennies to 282. him which is why, the petitioner would like to seek the United States Justice. The petitioner has 283. quoted and said, “Power has a short life, but justice is long lasting.”
 Respectfully Yours
Bright Quang

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