Dear Yahoo Small Business Sir,

I would like to ask that what could I do for my secret accounts of my website’s and email’s were sold to third parties by to have been for more than 6 years in the past and present-day?.
My website was registered domain by agreement’s from the year’s 2000, which was good serviced by when I have had paid the 196 dollars for email’s forever servicing for my website’a paying yearly. However, from the year’s 2014 my website did not only destroy the few of information and images and September 2015 but also locked so many images of my website and destroyed the Vietnamese language form.
In fact, my website’s was locked password in order to lock the selling books and artwork by Yahoo-Acbaco small business.
Until, April 2016 Yahoo-Aabaco small business was recovering my website’s, but my password was locked by Yahoo-Acbaco small business. That’s time, I have been requested for Yahoo-Aabaco small business for more time in order to transfer password of my website, but they did not transfer it to me to the presents.
In conclusion, I would like to request Yahoo small business that why you lock my password of my website’s when I have transferred my payment account to you in order to pay for yearly. However, Yahoo small business did not explain to why you destroyed the Vietnamese language form, locked so many images in my website , and to why you were transferred my secret information’ account to Aabaco small business which was third parties?
Respectfully Yours
Bright Quang