Discussing for the Kissinger to should “Rot in Hell’

He’ll points out of the barbarous ambition of the Kissinger that the Kissinger is the arrogant , the negligent, and the undisciplined- soldier. Because the humiliation of a Great Power of the United States of America was enacted H.R 7885,approved. December 16, 1963 and 22 U.S.C 1571_1604 which were endorsed the Republic of Vietnam to be partnership of the Government of the United States of America in order to approve self determinate sovereignty of Republic of Vietnam and the Vietnamese people. As a result, the United States Congress has enacted these statutory or the So-called is Foreign Assistance Act for the Republic of Vietnam in 1963. Specially, the United States of America has been brought more than 500,000 thousands of the American soldiers to Republic of Vietnam in order to fight anti-communism -during the enemy of the Government of the United States of America has been killing for the 58, 200 American soldiers. Finally, the Kissinger was torn the Paris Peace Accords when the Kissinger has declared and said, “Hanoi wanted victory,” and therefore, the Kissinger has sold Republic of Vietnam to communism.

First of all, the arrogant of the Kissinger is walked on the United States Constitution. In fact, all of the American leaders before obtain their public office, they must take an oath loyalty with their constitution without betray-treason. For example, SEC. 407. No department, agency, officer, or employee of the United States shall, under authority of this Act, exercise any direction, supervision, or control over, or impose any requirements or conditions with respect to, the personnel, curriculum, methods of instruction, or administration of any educational institution. Approved. Dec. 16, 1963, 11 a.m. However, the Kissinger has had walked on his statutory.

Second, the negligence of the Kissinger is wrongful action in the Vietnam War when he has been using for the young American bodies-lets him play war game because he has declared and said, “Vietnam failures we Did to ourselves.” Obviously, no army specialist of the world must use wars, but not need any victories. For example, Napoleon was won the wars when he invaded to other nations, but the Kissinger has been using his talent American soldiers, but his foe wanted to win, he was available donated his American soldiers and core of interests of the American people to his enemy’s communism.

Third, the undisciplined soldier of the Kissinger is made the honor of the great American soldier when the Kissinger has destroyed all of the best of American images to the dirty mud. In fact, the Kissinger did not only betray the Great Power of the United States of America but also trampled down the honors of the American people again- when, he controlled the American army in the Vietnam War that did not defeat communist foe, but he allowed his soldiers to rape more the Vietnamese women and killed so much of innocent Vietnamese men. In fact, The My Lai Massacre and Courts-Martial: An Account, the Kissinger was destroyed the best images of the American Soldier which was to be the American Soldier to be undisciplined-soldier. Even so good, the American history can not wash clear to million years in the futures-during, the American soldier has bee operated in the Vietnam War, which is from 1960 to 1973, so, the Kissinger has trampled down in all of the American people and American soldiers to mud.

In conclusion, a great Power of the World could not be defeated by a foe of smallest nation as like the North Vietnam because the wars must be won without lost. If the war could not win, the war could save the human bones and blood of the human beings in order to protect the honor of a Great Power. Next, the Kissinger should be stopped his mouth because he is not proud of his life when he did not only sell the United States of America to his foe’s communism but also trampled down a powerful American soldier.Therefore, the Bright Quang’s quotes, “ Erudition of the Kissinger is limited, but the barbarous ambition of the Kissinger is unlimited.”

California, October 19, 2018

by www.brightquang.com