Happy Marriages
In his opinion that’s happy marriages is to have two things:
First, the happy marriages should not adore any money in marriage because money looks like a ladder lets us pick up the an orange fruit. so this love will be happy forever, because this love looks like a bird who stays on the hands of lovers when who releases him lets him fly, so the marriage is lost if who holds a bird on the hands who stays forever. A couple should treat to look like a first day to meet each other
Second, the happy marriages that’s a couple should esteem each other when their lover looks like to a swing, in which both sides are equal without side is heavy more than others sides. Because they have never had (insulted) defame, slander, libel each other, they must be happiness or so -called is the true, the intellect, and the hard — hearted (bear — insults). The happy marriages should not think of sex to be important less than happiness, because sex looks like an orange seed in order to carry on the line. If it takes care an orange seed to be good, an orange fruit is to be perfect that is happy marriages. As a result, the family violence will not take place when the landscape of husband kills wife, or child kills parents and lover kills each other that shall never had.

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