Our painful honest American Citizens

If our super nation of the United States of America did performing for a special valued of the United States constitution, so, our nation did not only respect by the whole world but also have the peaceful human beings. In fact, our 22 U.S. Code § 2453 — Agreements with foreign governments and international organizations. However, ours United States Constitution was the best of one when our Constitution was symbolized by our democracy, freedom, and justice, but our executive organ takes advantage of our modern weapons, power and rich in order to build demagogy.

When almost of the American leaders did not keep their oath loyalty, they have been sitting on their constitutional Rights. Because their ambitions of barbarous wars have covering on their mind, their thoughts are trampled the mankind down by their modern weapons. As their ethical conscience were lost by ambitious individuals. Today, our President Trump is reforming the wrong ways in the past to look like a run wheel, which is overturning which is why it seems for a difficult doing path.

Finally, the core of interests of the high American leaders could not have a good chance when they try to assault to their leaders — they continue for trampling the United States Constitution down. In fact, from some of our presidents and the Kissinger were arrogantly sitting on the United States Constitution as like as 22 U.S. Code § 2453 for many decades because they had exchanged the true, the good, and the beautiful of the United States Constitution to the bad, the barbarous, and the awful or the so-called is demagogic. In fact, Republic of Vietnam was partnership of us, but the Kissinger had exchanged to be our enemy forever, but President Obama and Secretary of state Hillary were praised by his national merits that is why our the United States Constitution could not carry out perfectly.