Vietnamese Wounded-soldiers of Ex — Republic of Vietnam

Dear Sir,

As you know so much of wounded soldier of Ex — Republic of Vietnam since they were fooled by Hr. 5490 to be H.R. 7885 that were approved by the The United States Congress December 16, 1963.

Now their life was lost all things when their alliance, which is the government of the United States of America was destroying their life, happiness and dream without regret because the Kissinger has said, “Vietnam failures we did to ourselves and mistakes were made by America in Vietnam War, but said he has no regrets about his action.” Since 42 U.S.C. section 1981ot S1745 that equal Rights under law of the United States of America and How could you think about 1. U.S.C. section 112a,112b,and 130 and 75 U.N.T.S. 135? Perhaps, those of Wounded soldiers of Republic of Vietnam were human, they were animals of super emperor of the modern world. Because the Paris Peace Accords is cheaper more than an American chocolate, An American chocolate can help people hunger candy. But the Paris Peace Accords is symbolized face of super nation, it has approved 75 U.N.T.S. section 135.

Why did the Congress of the United States of America not approve to the Paris Peace Accords because the Kissinger did not submit this Paris Peace Accords to the United States Congress and Supreme Court to be the United States of America law, he has never performed any foreign laws of the United States of America when the Kissinger has quoted “ America has no permanent friends and enemies, only interests.” But he has forgot to his oath loyalty to his America , he has respected to his modern and high — technology weapons when he forgot about to voice of wisdom of the human beings that’s voice of wisdom is mightier more than his modern weapons.

Therefore, Bright Quang, he has said, “ Distort justice is national traitor.”

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