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Humber International Canada Entrance Scholarships

Entrance Scholarships at Humber College Canada welcomes all international students who have excellent academic background and social engagement skills to apply for the year 2016 which will ultimately help them to choose the best path for their career and future .Humber is well-known for its career-focused learning and various range of courses bachelor’s degrees, diplomas, […]

Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships 2016

Commonwealth distance learning scholarships aims at providing Master’s degree courses to students of member countries to enable them to achieve higher education in their desired field of interest.These funded courses are either offered through participating institutions in developing countries or delivered directly in institutions situated at United Kingdom.

Curtin University Australia Phd Scholarship in Public Health 2016

Great scholarship opportunity at Curtin University Australia for local residents as well as for international high academic achievers to do epidemiological research at School of Public Health.The main aim of this scholarship is to equip future leaders with modern research methods in health which will ultimately result in greater good of their countries. INSTITUTION/UNIVERSITY School of […]

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