Shiny Things

September 2015 — End of life, and More Magic Lessons

Sunset in New Mexico, 2016

As a child (and adolescent … and still to this day) catching a glimpse of something shiny out of the corner of my eye would grab my attention. Much to my parents’ dismay, I was incessantly picking up rocks, feathers, coins, gum wrappers, and found objects of all shapes and sizes. My affinity for shiny things hasn’t waned, but with access to the Internet and a network of intelligent, curious friends, my attention is now drawn toward articles, audio, books, and websites. These are the things that pique my interest, tickle my fancy, and change my world a little bit at a time.

Dear friends,

Happy September! Here is the third installment of Shiny Things: a newsletter for my friends, sharing the things I am thinking about and loving right now. It’s one part things I love and one part personal reflections and life updates. I so enjoy the conversations that are sparked by your responses. And I LOVE hearing about the shiny things in your life. Go forth and seek the shiny!

Magic Lessons

I know I already mentioned this last time, but the final episode (#12) features Liz and Brene Brown talking about creativity AND IT IS AMAZING. I have listened to it at least four times. I am listening to it again right now. There are so many moments that struck me, but one in particular was when Brene says “unused creativity is not benign”. I’ve never thought of myself as a particularly artsy or craftsy or “creative” person, but these words resonated deeply and have helped me start to see the ways that I can express my own brand of creativity. Recently, while drinking a delicious Syrah, I spontaneously planned an entire dinner party menu. That’s creative, right!? I am planning to make this dinner a reality next month, and hope to combine it with a book club to discuss Liz’s new book “Big Magic”.

BJ Miller: What really matters at the end of life

This TED talk is a poignant reflection on life and death. It’s a rare look at death that is honest but not morbid. BJ uses his own near death experience and his experience working in a hospice home to challenge the way we perceive death and ends by asking us all to consider how we might live well not in spite of death, but because of it. It’s a beautifully delivered talk with an intriguing message.

Passion Planner

The end of 2015 is in sight, and one thing I am very much looking forward to is ordering my 2016 passion planner. It’s a paper planner that is so much more. There’s space for notes, monthly reflections, and it helps you set up yearly/monthly/weekly goals and keep focused on those goals. I adore this thing and take it everywhere. ps. if you decide to order a planner based on my glowing recommendation, feel free to use my email address in the referral — brightsheshines(at)gmail

With love,