Playing with Food: Eating at Ludo with Seth

Seth and I had planned to go to Ludo BoardGame Bar & Cafe for a year or so, but we only got to visit very recently. Its name is quite self-explanatory; it is a bar and restaurant with shelves filled with games. Board games, card games, dice games — you name it!

The restaurant itself focuses on Japanese cuisine, and so Seth and I had Katsudon and Curry Katsu, respectively. Perhaps it may not be as great as Yabu (I will write about this wonderful restaurant soon) but its quality was definitely close to it and best of all, for almost half the price. We also ordered Cheesy Gyoza as a side and two scoops of vanilla ice cream as our dessert.

The food was our entry ticket to play as much games as we can, and these were the following games we tried and enjoyed:

Garbage Day

A fun yet challenging card game by Mayday Games.

In this game, the players play as messy roommates during garbage day. It is about one-upping each other by throwing trash at the other players room (well, not really. The trash comes in the form of cards). The player who reaches the limit of trash (cards) loses the round.

It’s not as simple as you would think however; whoever loses the round must “take out the trash” — that is, to balance a stack of cards on a small garbage can. Whoever topples over the stack of cards loses.

Sushi Go!

An easy and adorable card game by Gamewright.

If you’re adept in memory games, or at the very least fond of it, Sushi Go! may be a breeze for you. The player must get one card from a stack of sushi-decorated cards before handing the stack to the other player/s at the end of each round. The players would pick a card and pass the stack to each other until there aren’t any cards left.

The challenge? Each sushi card has a respective point and a respective combo, so each player has to choose wisely and strategically. The player with the most points win.

This game relies on a bit of math at the end of each round however. If you’re not too great with numbers, do get ready with a calculator.


A beautifully complex board game by Asmodee Games.

In this game, the players could either play as the bamboo-eating panda or the bamboo-planting farmer. The gameplay consists of claiming patches of land (in the form of polygonal board pieces), strategically placing irrigation (in the form of blue sticks) and planting/eating bamboos. The whole game set is wonderfully made, from the player pieces, to the boards, to the various game tools. Unfortunately, Seth and I got confused somewhere in the middle and decided to go for an easier and quicker game, which led us to —

Roll For It!

A lucky dice game by Calliope Games.

This is a very easy game which relies on strategy as much as it relies on luck. The players are shown three cards with points and dice patterns. The players take turns rolling the dice to get the desired pattern. The first one who gets the desired pattern claims the card as well as the points. The player with the most points wins.

The Verdict

All in all, it was a very pleasant experience! The staff are accommodating, the food is satisfying and the games are more than enjoyable. I look forward to visiting again, perhaps with other couples and friends to share with the fun.

What about you? Why not visit Ludo as well? Bring your partner, your family or some friends! I assure you, you would have a wonderful time together.