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“Isn’t it amazing how you talk all this sh*t and we still lack communication” — Connect, Drake

We know what you’re thinking: “You want me to take professional advice from Drake, the rapper?”

Yes. Hear us out.

We’re sure you’ve seen the memes, heard the jokes, and may have even been seen laughing at some of the crazy stuff Drake has done over the last decade. But there’s no denying that the once Wheelchair Jimmy, now Champagne Papi superstar has a knack for public speaking. After first hosting the 2011 Canadian Juno Awards, and then the 2013 Espy Awards, the…

Follow these 3 steps and you’ll have any audience willing to jump on a sinking boat for you.

“I’m Flying, Jack” (Photo Credit: Titanic)

Who can forget the iconic scene when Rose exclaims, “I’m flying!” as Jack holds her up at the front of the Titanic? Not only was that one of the most universally viewed romantic scenes in movie history, it was the scene that (arguably) started the most heartbreaking love story of all time.

What has always been interesting about the love story of Jack and Rose is how much we — the audience — were invested in it. …

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One of the unpleasant realities about presentations is that many of our listeners probably don’t care about what we’re saying as much as we do. As a presenter, there are few things worse than passionately sharing your expertise, only to look around the room and notice your audience members disinterested (and perhaps even bored). You may think, “How could they be?!” You’ve taken time out of your schedule to be at this meeting or event. You’ve worked your butt off trying to prepare an interesting topic. You’ve set up a PowerPoint that lists important points and graphs key data so…

Image credit: Disney’s The Lion King

There is a scene in Lion King that has the power to make even the most hard-hearted among us shed a tear. In fact, it is so powerful and memorable that you likely already know the exact scene being referenced without it being mentioned in any detail at all: the scene of Mufasa’s murder.

Do you remember it? The look of disbelief on Mufasa’s face when he realizes his own brother is about to kill him? How about the horror in young Simba’s eyes as he watches his father fall into the stampede he was just saved from? If that…

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